2NE1’s Follow Me Hair & Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been starting to do a series of Asian Celebrity-Inspired tutorials – first one started with Devon Aoki from my last tutorial. I don’t typically follow Korean music nor Japanese although I do listen to a few select faves from each genre. Lately it seems Korean girl bands have become all the rage and 2NE1 is no different – a group of four girls whose music is a touch of pop/hip-hop/korean rap.

There was one look that I came across that was a little more edgy, funky and just fun to put together from the Follow Me video although it’s not exactly the same pic but similar hairstyle.



Materials used:



Pink Rose pigment or any rose pigment
Spell Cosmetics in Camille
MAC Mutiny
MAC’s blacktrack fluidline
Lioele’s Carry Me mascara
(code ‘labellemel’ for free with $25 purchase)


Rock and Republic blush in Bedroom


Canmake Melty Nudes lipstick
in #2 Creamy Nude
MAC’s kissable lipgloss in Woo Me


Hair ties
bobby pins
Clip-on bangs (optional from ebay)
Garnier Fructisse hair spray
Cibu’s Origumi creative paste

That’s it! This was a really simple tutorial to put together so hope you enjoyed! Oh and if you couldn’t tell, I did change the blog layout for a cleaner look. I think this may be the last time I change it for awhile, but so far I’m liking it. =)

Also, I really really do apologize for not updating as often as I’d like. As most of you know, I do have a part-time photography business that I do on weekends PLUS a full time marketing job during the weekdays. Wedding season has been brutal this season with practically every weekend filled with 10-12hr shoot typically on Saturdays – some weekends with back to back weddings. So when I get home after a long wedding day shoot, I’m EXHAUSTED! The next day, I just like to stay in and relax while catching up on photo editing and blogging them, so the last thing on my mind are creating tutorials. I honestly haven’t even been keeping up with beauty blogs either, so I’m sure there are about a 1000+ posts in my google reader right now – le sigh.

I seriously think I just need to kick my butt in gear and try a little harder to squeeze in more times for tutorials or even just blog a bit more. Nonetheless, I am honestly grateful for everyone who’s still stuck around with me all these years and been devoted readers – thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!!

I have plenty of ideas, I just need time to execute them! I do have another tutorial idea from 2NE1, but probably won’t be able to film it until end of the month, but please, stay tuned!! Also I’m in the midst of gathering up some prizes for a contest that I want to do after reaching 10K on Youtube – it took awhile after my switch from my last channel, but still awesome and this contest is a way for me to thank everyone for supporting me all these years. Ok, enough babbling! =P

Until next time!

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  1. aww we understand that bloggers have REAL lives to attend to 🙂 love this look on you! i love your bangs!

  2. @miemiemie aww, thx for always supporting!! the bangs are def an awesome alternative if you do not want full bangs! haha