Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette

You may or may not know this, but I’ve seriously have cut back alot from buying makeup compared to the first two years of blogging – only replenishing what I’ve hit pan on which was more powdered compacts and mascara. And this is not bc I wanted to save money which did help, but more so at one point, I said to myself, how much makeup do I really need? I only have ONE face so how on EARTH will I be able to use all that makeup without having it expire on me. I don’t even know what the latest MAC collection is – FACT!

My skincare purchases, on the other hand, have not falter at all – instead it’s been steady. I’ve just been more into skincare and been trying different brands of skincare and KNOW that I will be using them all daily without any waste.

BUT looks like the new Urban Decay’s 15th Anniversary Eye Shadow Palette releasing this Fall may break my makeup streak after all when I saw my dear friend Jen from Frmheadtotoe featuring it in her latest videos. I wish you could’ve seen my eyes gone BIG as soon as I saw the palette. It was calling out to me like no other making this palette a drool-worthy and a must-have item for my collection!

I mean seriously, looking at the photos below – am I wrong? =P

Images from Temptalia

And of course, naturally it’s out of stock currently on the Urban Decay’s website – le sigh! I don’t know when’s the last time I had this huge urge for a makeup item since forever. But don’t worry little one, I will have you in my possession soon enough!

Seriously though, how many of you girls are going for the palette?? I want to hear it!

Alright, enough drooling.

Until next time, girls!
Love, Mel

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  1. I kinda WANT IT! lol. Damn you, UD. -sigh- The box is super pretty and the shadows look oh so lovely as well~

  2. It is really gorgeous up close like that…the swatches in Jen’s vid are very lovely…

    There’s something about UD palettes…they sure know how to make women fight tooth and nail to get one!

    Re on the amount of makeup a girl could use — totally agree… I go through phases where I would buy a lot and then stop for a while because it takes a long while to really get through cosmetics products before justifying more buys…

  3. @tiffyama, @astrorainfall @ beauty box

    the packaging is def eye-candy! I’ll be eyeing the website until they restock – that’s for sure!