Dutch Loop Updo Tutorial

Another bridal series updo hair style for those who need ideas for bridal or bridal parties. But you most definitely can use this updo for any formal looks as well.

I’ve been really into orange/coral color for the summer and this necklace is absolute love and perfect to add on the outfit. Anywho I just love how much the top and necklace go together. =P Onward to the tutorial!

Materials used:

Babyliss Pro rollers
Tresseme mouse
Garnier Fructisse hair spray
2 hair ties
bobby pins

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed from past few tutorials but I use very little material in putting together an updo. I tend to like that more only bc I just don’t have that much patience to add so much product in my hair. Also as I’ve mentiioned before, some of my inspirations I get for these tutorials stem from my wedding photography business. But also if you have photos that you want me to try replicating, just let me know. I can’t promise that I’ll most likely do them only because my plate has been so full with a full-time job, my photography biz and upkeeping with blogs and youtube. It’s been soooo hectic lately that I’ve even been tweeting less which is sooo not me! Sometimes I feel as if I’m way behind in catching up with life – le sigh.

I hope you all bear with me as I continue to try to find a balance with everything. Just when I think I have a weekend free, someone else would ask me to help them shoot a wedding, which is what is happening this Sunday – oy! I’m hoping I can film another tutorial Saturday though – maybe a combo one, but we shall see! In meantime, I hope you girls have been enjoying this bridal series of updo tutorials. After wedding season is over, I may need more ideas on a different series, so feel free to shout them out.

Ok, until next time!

Miss you all.

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  1. Such a pretty and feminine look! I am totally impressed!

  2. So pretty and it seems easy to do too~

  3. @Jamilla Camel, @tiffyama thx girls! def easy to do! =D