Archives for May 2011

Maximum Lash Product Review

I want to thank Stephanie from MaximumLash for letting me try this product out. I loved it so much that I went onto Walgreens online to purchase another for backup. This product is only available online at the moment for $49.99 retail. At the time, it was on sale for $39.99 and there was a […]

Bridal Summer Braids Updo Hair Tutorial

Two posts in one day! That has got to be a new record for this year. =P Anyways, I helped shoot a wedding last weekend and saw this hairstyle on one of the bridesmaids, which totally gave me inspiration for this video. All you need is some hair ties and bobby pins. If your hair […]

Product Review: Voluminous Scarf Necklace

Few weeks ago, I was contaced by Abba from the Mickey London company who introduced me to a fabulous piece of item. The company was launched in September of 2009 by the sibling duo Mickey and Abba. Since then, their unique assortments of fashion scarves, jewelry and ready-to-wear pieces have been getting to the hands […]