Jewelry Haul: Amrita Singh, JewelMint, H&M, ASOS, &

I’ve been on a jewelry craze lately just branching out my collection out a little bit. Here were a few that I have bought over the course of a month or so. Few pieces listed below may not have been included in the video since they came after filming. To see closer pics of jewelries, just expand by clicking on view full post below video.

Amrita Singh Jewelry

The first pic above is the Tollan necklace and the one next to it is the Tasila and the bottom pic above is the Aliye bracelet.

I am a bit surprised by the quality of Amrita’s jewelry, because they weren’t that expensive compared to her other lines, but the quality is just as great. They definitely have a unique style to each one, which I love most about them.

I feel with Jewelmint, it’s a bit of a hit or miss in terms of what you get online. So far, two of the three I ordered were nice, but I’m not sure if I want to continue buying jewelry on a monthly basis from them. They have you go through a style test to determine which jewelry would best fit your style. However, there were some that were way off and some that were right on. I felt that the pieces that were chosen from month to month tend to be the same pieces and there haven’t been any newer pieces added to the collection to continue to pique my interest.

For being $30 a month, I honestly don’t think it’s worth the price unless you get them at a discount of 50% or less with coupon code. In order for you to get pieces free, they have you sign up friends and give you a credit. Had there been more alot more jewelry options on the site compared to what I’ve seen past two months, I’d have follow along with the plan. Since nothing new has been added since, I’m less likely to continue with the site.


French Connection clustered necklace (ASOS)

So I typically don’t shop on Ideeli, but when I saw an email from them and the title mentioned “Disney Couture Collection”, I was curious to see what they had. I’m a huge Disney fan and in fact, I have most of the Disney movies on DVD that I’m saving for my future kiddies to watch – hehe. My faves are Little Mermaid follow closely by Aladdin and Beauty & the Beast.

Well, while browsing the collection, there was this one bracelet that caught my eye, but I was a couple of days too late and it was sold out. I quickly did a search to see where I could find the bracelet and Karmaloop’s site popped up. I have never shopped there before, although I have heard of its name plenty of times amongst Yt-ers. Seeing the bracelet on there, I quickly did a search for coupon codes online to get the bracelet for 20% off plus add’l 5% and free shipping – nice! This bracelet is so pretty and fits my wrist very well. I typically can’t find bracelets that are small enough that the bracelet won’t fall off my hand, but so glad that this one was just perfect.

Well that’s it for my jewelry haul – hope you enjoyed that! Until next time girls =)

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  1. Ohhhhh thank you for posting photos of your haul! I’ve been on jewelmint also and it’s slim pickins >_< . You're right, if I could choose from more items, I'd be more likely to purchase from them! Loving your blog!

  2. love the dream catcher pendant ☺♥

  3. The Disney bracelet is so dramatic and unique – i love it ^_^ Do you mind sharing the 20% off plus add’l 5% and free shipping codes you used?

  4. adorable!!! i love the dreamcatcher looking piece of jewelry 🙂


  5. I just got some earrings kind of like your Asos branch earrings. Don’t you just love the earthy style to them? 🙂

    <3 Irene

    Couture Petite

    twitter: @CouturePetite

  6. What a beautiful collection! I fell in love with the ribbon earrings. They will match my omega watches .