Emjoi Dolphin Wet/Dry Epilator Review

Since my face-off review on epilators, I’ve seriously have not gone back to the years of shaving with a razor. Nope, I’m definitely much more happier without the razor burns or the in-grown hair. Although I am currently happy with either the rechargeable Emjoi Light Caress or the pluggable Remington one, Julie from Folica brought to my attention of a waterproof version called the Emjoi Dolphin that really piqued my interest. Why, you say? There was really one factor that came to mind. To read more for rest of my review, just expand by clicking on View Full Post below.

For the sake of simplicity, I’m going to use the names Dolphin and Light Caress for the remainder of this post. You see, even though the Light Caress gave me all of the above, I still had one teeny tiny issue and that was having to epilate quickly after a shower. Reason why is, because I didn’t want my skin to dry out before I had a chance to apply my skincare routine. The most effective way for skin to soak up the ingredients of skincare products is to apply within 10 mins after your shower. With Dolphin, I was able to use it during the shower thus avoiding the problem entirely.

Few differences between Dolphin versus Light Caress with the obvious being color and that one’s waterproof and the other isn’t. First, the tweezer head of Dolphin is much smaller compared to Light Caress, which makes getting into every curve of your body much easier to navigate. Second, my Light Caress comes with a plug to charge first before use, but the Dolphin doesn’t come with one. It comes with only batteries, however you can use it right away versus having to wait for the unit to fully charge. You will always have the option to buying a separate plug unit if there’s ever a need for it. Third, the body of Dolphin is much thinner and sleeker; easier to have a tight grip during shower. Fourth, Dolphin actually has less tweezers, 18 sets to be exact, compared to the 36 disc sets of the Light Caress, but honestly, I didn’t see the lack of performance due to the tweezer sets being less. Finally, fifth and most importantly, is the price. At the cost of $29.95, the price of the Dolphin is a little more than a third of the cost compared to Light Caress. Now, that’s crazy talk! I actually thought it’d be more considering that it was waterproof. So if you always wanted to own an Emjoi, but don’t want to break the bank for it, Dolphin’s definitely the best alternative to consider if you’re in the market for an epilator.

Also, I wanted to address one more thing on epilating and that’s about breakage and if I had any since. Yes, you can run into a few breakage here and there, but it’s never created the problem like the traditional razor would. Even if I had a few breakage from time to time, I’ve never had any in-grown hair or bumps as a result of them. I’ve had smooth skin in the area that I epilate and will never go back to razors. However, the best time to epilate and lessen breakage is really after your shower when the follicles around your hair have completely opened up and thus easier to tweeze.


I have since stopped using this epilator only because it stopped working within two months. Could be a faulty item, so if this happens to you, be sure to get a replacement if you can.

Anywho, I hope this review was helpful for you girls and thank you to Folica once again for bringing this awesome unit to my attention. Otherwise, I’d never have the opportunity to try it out and let you girls know about this product.

Now my question is, how many of you girls own or tried epilators and what was your take on them? I’d definitely love to hear more of your experiences. =)

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