Face-Off Review: Sedu Clipless Iron vs. Conair Infiniti Iron

I’m so glad Folica contacted me to try out Sedu’s Clipless Iron, because it was the perfect item to face-off with Conair’s Infiniti Iron. I also did do a quick video review, so you can get a better look between the two curling iron, but wanted to do a full review here.

First let’s start off:


Both have ceramic barrels that reduces frizz and static and heats up your hair evenly to cause less damage. They’re clipless irons, so do not leave kinks in your hair when curling. I was actually mistaken in the video, but both have automatic shut-offs for your safety. They both have a kickstand to set on table easily and a swivel cord, but that’s where the similiarities end.


There are several things right off that I can tell between the two and that’s the shape of the iron. Sedu’s Clipless iron is an even-shaped barrel whereas Conair’s Infiniti has a cone shape. This will create entirely different looks depending on what you want to go for. I love that there is a stopper on Infiniti that if you accidentally bump into the iron, it’ll protect you. Sedu’s doesn’t have that although Sedu does provide you with a protective glove, so if you’re accident-prone, please use it! I was braving it in the tutorial, so opt out – haha =P As for heating temperature, Infiniti can heat up to 400F while Sedu heats up to 350F. Sedu has a 2-yr limited warranty on the unit whereas Infiniti actually has a 5-yr limited warranty – nice! I do love that Sedu’s clipless iron does come in two sizes; 3/4 inch and 1 inch, but Infiniti only has one size fits all.

I did stop in the middle of the tutorial to take a pic, so you can see the difference between my hair curled and not curled.

The curls are alot fuller with Sedu’s clipless iron and when using Infiniti, my curls are skinnier and tapered. I can definitely see why there would be a need between the two. If you want more of a casual beachy-type wave girl, go with Infiniti and if you want more of an elegant look, I’d go with Sedu for sure.

Some of you may wonder why a clipless iron and what would be the benefit of actually using clipless versus using the traditional curling iron. Well, first benefit I see is definitely avoiding any kinks in your hair when using a curling iron especially if you’re a beginner. I’m sure you could remember when using a curling iron as a beginner, there were times that you’d curl the hair the wrong way and the iron left a kink in your strand. Having a clipless iron is pretty much fool-proof for beginners. No matter how you hold the iron and curl, you will always get a nice curled strand. Second benefit is the ability to wrap the hair strand throughout the barrel without having to clamp strand, unclamp, move barrel down and clamp again, then repeat till the end of strand. Seems more time-consuming versus just wrapping whole strand over the barrel and hair gets heat evenly distributed and curled quicker.

Also great news for you girls and good timing too, because I just saw that there’s actually a two-day sale going on right now on Folica that you can save 40% off purchase – code SALE40 ending tomorrow! Both products are on there, so if you don’t own one already and was thinking about it, here’s your chance to get either or both of them on sale.

So like I said before, the choice is up to you, but I hope I left you more informed than before to make the right choice for your styling needs. =) Also big thanks to Folica for making this face-off review possible.

edit 3.25.11

Now that the two-day sales is over, Folica just sent me this code for my readers “MSLABELLEMEL” for 25% off orders over $50 to use from now till 4/2. Enjoy!

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  1. You look so pretty with curly hair! 🙂 Really pretty!

  2. OMGOSH you did such a nice job! I tried to curl my hair earlier but it looks bad…. i love how you curled it! So tutorial’s up soon? 😛

  3. @♥ c.angie ♥

    @Rainy Days and Lattes

    thx girls!! yep, tutorial to follow soon. got it edited last night and hopefully up either tonight or tomorrow =)

  4. Great review Mel! I have to say that the though I love the Infiniti, I hate wrapping my hair around it cause of the shape, it takes forever! haha

  5. @MeiBelle

    haha.. i thought the clipless one takes less time! whatever works right? =D

  6. leaning towards the sedu simply because of the glove, i’m seriously accident prone~

  7. nice review! i like clipless irons. have a bombshell 1″ and love it.

  8. You look lovely. You seemed very good with hair, can you recommend a hair spray that would Strongly hold curls? I have thick, straight tuff Asian hair. Every time I curl my hair it would last about two hours then it would go straight. I tried some products, nothing seems hold my curls long yet. Thanks.


  9. cheryla8 says:

    I personally love my Karmin! ^_^