Archives for March 2011

French Braid Updo Tutorial

As promised, here’s the tutorial to go along with the Sedu Clipless Iron that I used, which I did the review in my last post. With the shortness of time that day, I did my makeup beforehand, but will list what I used below tutorial. The inspiration from this tutorial stemmed from Angelina Jolie’s Tomb […]

Face-Off Review: Sedu Clipless Iron vs. Conair Infiniti Iron

I’m so glad Folica contacted me to try out Sedu’s Clipless Iron, because it was the perfect item to face-off with Conair’s Infiniti Iron. I also did do a quick video review, so you can get a better look between the two curling iron, but wanted to do a full review here. First let’s start […]

Hello Kitty at Sephora

It’s been soooo long since I’ve updated this site and boy has life gotten pretty hectic. I’ve updated my photoblog though from my Vegas photography convention trip I took few weeks back. And also spring is coming soon so warm-weather means busy times with my photog biz. I have been neglecting my YT channel as […]