What’s in My Travel Bag & Makeup Bag

In about 12 hrs, I’ll be on my way to Baltimore docks and picking up a cruise to Bahamas. So, I thought what better timing than to discuss some of the things I’m bringing with me on the cruise. Keep in mind that, since I’m not boarding any air flights that I packed as much as I could so as to not forget anything =P

My hubby’s been so gung-ho in taking another cruise after our Mediterranean one last June; just wish this wasn’t 9-days long since the sea gets pretty rough around winter time. Ah well, at least I can look forward to Harry Potter again with the butterbeer and 70 degree weather. =D We’ll be stopping off an hour from Orlando for our first stop then down to Key West. After that, two stops at Bahamas; Nassau and a private island there. Hubby’s all geared up for some snorkeling fun and maximum buffet time since he’s been counting down two months ago when he first booked the trip – hehe.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed the vids and I’ll talk to you all when I get back! I’m hoping to film OOTD’s while I’m on the cruise so will probably upload to the channel I created for the fashion blog. Until then, keep warm!

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