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My Top Three Spring Trends for 2012

Just read on Refinery29’s Spring Trends of 2012 listing the top eight spring trends to watch and saw a few that I wouldn’t mind rocking out. Even though the temperature has been getting colder and warmer and colder (wacky weather we’ve been having); maybe if I think of Spring, it’ll come much sooner than later. […]

Woody’s Crab House | Orange Sweater & Suede Vest

Hubby and I were driving back from Philly and hitting the holiday traffic along the way – so typical of us. So instead of waiting in traffic like the rest of crowd, hubby spotted a crab house exit – lol. I quickly yelped it to see if it wasn’t even worth it to stop, which […]

Odds & Ends | Holiday Edition 2011

Hey all! Even though today is technically still my holiday weekend, I want to go ahead and continue to post these random updates every Monday. So far, I’ve been keeping up with them and hopefully you’ve been enjoying these updates as well. So, starting from top to bottom, left to right, this holiday weekend: Hubby […]

StyleBook App Review & Giveaway

When I was at blogger’s night out a few weeks ago at Bloomies in Chevy Chase, the folks at StyleBook had a booth at the event showcasing the app created specifically for those who needed help organizing and styling their outfits. I have always wondered if there were such an app out there for that, […]

Holiday Casual | Suede Vest & Caterpillar Necklace

Hello hello! I hope everyone is having a great Christmas so far. It was great spending time with the family and got to see my awesome nephew. Only thing that was missing was snow. Ah well, there’s always another year. =) For my outfit today, I wanted to keep it casual and comfy, but still […]

Featured: Youtube Hairstylist Daven Mayeda

As you know, I love bumping into great talents on youtube, especially ones who love to create hairstyles as much as I do and this one is no different. I’m not sure why it took me this long in finding his channel, but I’m so glad that I did. Aside from featuring Michelle Phan and […]

Buffalo | Everyday Winter Coat & Boots

As you know, I spent last weekend heading to Buffalo to visit the in-laws. Also last week, I had tweeted that I couldn’t find my passport, so we couldn’t go to Toronto this time around. Ironically, I took out my passport from its safe place to apply for the passport card. I somehow misplaced it […]

Odds and Ends: Buffalo

Here’s another weekend update – went to Buffalo to visit the in-laws so from left to right: Was in the 20’s, so found these cow-looking slippers around the house and wore them to keep my feet warm. Don’t they look like reindeer though? =P Hubby’s parents get influx of magazines coming to the house for […]