Blog-aversary Giveaway part 2 =P

I’m a bit embarassed to have waited this long to put out the 2nd part of my giveaway for 2 yr blog-aversary. However, since it’s so dangerously close to xmas, think of it as a Holiday Giveaway instead – tee hee.

To enter, it’s quite simple. Just comment below this post & let me know what is on your wish list for Xmas this year. ^_^

Few rules of course:

1. Must be a follower of my blog AND “like” my FB page
2. Must be 18 to enter or have parent’s permission if under

The prizes are as follows:

Emjoi corded epilator
1 Lush product

MAC lipstick/lipgloss of choice or 2 Lush products

MAC lipstick/lipgloss of choice or 2 Lush products

Thank you to Folica and PrettyandCute for providing some of the prizes above. They have been nothing but generous.

Winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced on my FB page so please follow if you haven’t already. The order of the prizes will be given to the person who contacted me accordingly to choose between the three.

Contest will start today and run through the Dec. 23rd at 11:59PM EST. Good Luck everyone! =)

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  1. I really want a iPod Touch or a new camera for Christmas! After seeing your video, I really want the same camera as you! =)

    Love all the prizes here! I’d be happy to win any ^^

    I’m a follower and FB liker ♥, I mean lover!

  2. Hello! I really need a new camera!

    GFC: Gaby
    Facebook: Gaby Fauchon

    Thank you!

  3. I want my dad home for christmas!

  4. I would love to have new pillows the cute ones! i saw this breast cancer one but my mom didnt onw to buy it 🙁 but i would loveeee to have really cute pillows 🙂

    Im a blog follower and fb fan 🙂 <3 good luck everyone!

  5. I really want some new clothes this christmas. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂 I follow your blog and your facebook page.

    Facebook : Kay Tran

  6. A treadmill jajaja, after christmas i’ll need to lose what i gained from all the holidays yummies XD. Also an mp3 player that has at least 6g and a screen :).

    (is eating cheesecake while typing this comment)

    thank you! 🙂

  7. I’m a follower (mandy) and fb fan (mandy huang) :]

    Materialistically I’d want more skincare. But I just want to stay sick free lol Then I wouldn’t look as terrible as I feel :X

    Thanks for the giveaway! ^__^


  8. My wish for Christmas this year? I’ll be wishing for a really smooth semester next year. It’ll be my last in my program, but hoping it will not be a killer!

  9. Following you on FB (Helen Yang), Twitter and following your blog. 🙂

    I’ve been needing a new laptop; I’ve had my current one for 5 years and need something with a current copy of Windows.

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway and happy holidays!

  10. I would love a new laptop for Christmas.
    My desktop broke down, and now I have to share with my brother. :((


    YT: trisha77771
    FB: uytrisha58


  11. I’m a follower of your blog: ocean mist
    & a facebook fan: Jaime Farkas

    I want a red wii & mario,sonic and super monkey ball games for wii :]
    & I already know thats what I got I just have to wait to Christmas till my parents give it to me :]

    also from all my other family members I just want money so I can shop & buy some new clothes & stuff.

  12. For christmas this year, I really want to get Ralph Lauren Eau de Parfum Romance^^

  13. On my wishlist this year, is books to read! Never thought this would happen to me, but I’ve become a total bookworm this year. 🙂

    Also would like some nice fitting skinny jeans, a new camera, and some jewelry, like rings and necklaces. But in general, I just want a better love life LOL, I’ve had nothing but bad luck with the boys. 😛

    Facebook: Ashley Valencia
    I also follow your blog with my Google Account:

    Awesome prizes!!

  14. for christmas i would reallly want my loved ones to be healthy and happy and to spend a lot of time with them! 🙂 and i also would like college tuition to not be going up anymore and go down! lol.

    facebook: viviana lily zheng
    youtube: xbbyxvivix

  15. on my xmas list this year is definitely anything from tiffany and co. that’s what i told the boyfriend at least!! :p

    facebook: amanda blume
    blog: kawaiikao

  16. My top of the list is the Emjoi epilator, and no kidding, this is what I really want. It has been like a year and I keep wanting this and truly on top of my wishlist. I am a follower: Pham, Nancy.
    email: FB: Nancy Pham. YT: sweetpuppy120489.

    Thanks for hosting this. Argg, I want the epilator so so bad.

  17. All i want for christmas is youuuu LOL jk screw you.

    ^ i was kidding dw 😛 ummmm money? i guess (ooh i see a robin outside :D)
    GFC: winnyee
    facebook: Rebecca Ho

  18. i seriously need a pair of sneakers, lol i havent bought a pair in at least five years lol.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. For Christmas I would really want our trip to Taiwan to push thru…. I really really wanna go to Taiwan.. I would also love to have a new dog… 😛

    Facebook: Jenneca Shayenneh Ching

  21. My wishlist is an iPhone 4! I’ve been wanting it since forever~~

    GFC: Dina (XYYan)
    FB: Dina Xyyan

  22. Hope is not a dream but a way of making dreams reality. So i hope that for christmas i would get a really belated gift in march 2011, that is for my Alevel results to be awesome enough to get me into psychology! 😀 and of course i wouldn’t hurt if the 7 or 8 skincare that i dig for fall down from the sky, ahem. sooooo if you would be so kind as to be that guardian angel, i trust you know where to post those presents too 😀

    facebook: Jacy Hui
    youtube: laojace

  23. For xmas id love a lisa taubes necklace!

  24. Follow via GFC as Monik.
    Follow on FB as Monika Lintang Retnani.

  25. For christmas this year i really hope i get a new camera :)Thanks for the givaway!!

    fb: Jillian Tracy
    blog: illy

  26. for christmas this year, i hope to receive a new phone =]

    im a facebook and blog follower
    fb: Janice Yuen
    blogger: janny

  27. Hi! For xmas this year, I want an ipod and new phone 🙂

    I am your fb and blogger follower

    fb: Karen Xiao
    blogger: KX

  28. i want an ipod and new phone for xmas 🙂

    i am your fb and blogger follower

    fb: Karen Xiao
    blogger: KX

    Merry Xmas!

  29. Hi i follow ur blog and facebook (lisa savayvongthong. U may or may not be able to search me. I blocked myself from being able to be searched for privacy). On my wishlist… I would really like a couple cans of paint. Seriously lol. I am trying to redecorate my room and the paint would help me get started.

  30. i want contact lenses this christmas :DD so i can camera whore and make ulzzang looks, kekekee ^^

    following you in my twitter: my sn is: honeypurin
    in fb my name is: erika abarentos

    ^^ good luck.

  31. i would just love a crazy gift card to sephora or ulta LOL can’t get enough cosmetics!!:O

    blog Jennifer
    fb Jennifer Lee

    thanks 🙂

  32. Hey, I’m Jennifer Swift on FB and im hoping to receive flight tickets to japan for xmas 🙂

    youtube : jstfcukit

  33. Like most, I was thinking of a camera. However, considering that your beauty advice is really helpful, I just wish for your continued success. Your reviews, and advice are immensely appreciated.

  34. I’d like a Lumix LX5 because I need a new point n shoot camera to replace my 8 year old sony >_< . facebook: lisa xu
    blog: tralalalisa

  35. I would love a great mascara for xmas. I’m a follower of your blog and FB. 🙂


  36. A new camera would be a lovely christmas gift!

  37. my christmas wishlist?
    First thing is a plane ticket back to Taipei! I miss it!

  38. my xmas wish list is to travel 😀

  39. Well this Christmas I’m wishing to get a job! Lord knows I need one real bad, so praying for employment this Christmas!
    Thanks for the giveaway! ^.^

  40. I already got my wish to go home for Christmas! Thank you so much for the generous giveaway.

    I follow you as waxapplelover. I also have FB liked you with this email address.

  41. My wish list is pretty simple….I just want to be around my family for Christmas and have us all be healthy! I wouldn’t mind a new pair of boots and the UD Naked palette 🙂

    FB Julie Harris
    YT PDXBeautiful