Review: L’Egere Double White O2 BB Cream

This review has been a long time coming and I feel like I say that for all my reviews lately – haha. I’m such a slacker – sighh.. Anywho, from my last Imomoko purchase, Betty had threwn L’Egere Double White O2 BB cream in as a freebie and I must say I have to thank her for that. Honestly, the past two BB creams that I’ve tried, I just did not have any luck. I always end up with redness around my cheeks at the end of the day. Apparently I must’ve been allergic to some ingredient like sea algae or something that I can’t remember, but they did not work for me. Granted, I was pretty sad after finding out, bc I wanted it to work for my skin so badly. Since then, I was sworn off on BB creams and would never think of purchasing another until Betty sent me this and I’m grateful that she did. I love it. Absolutely hands down – love it!

This product retails for $26.99 on the website at 35g per tube and supposed to act as a Double Whitening + Moisturizing + Anti-acne + Anti- Wrinkle + Anti-Aging all in one small package. The fact that this is makeup that’s designed to also help your skin is a huge plus in my book, so you’d understand why I was bummed when I thought I couldn’t use it from experience.

This BB cream like the others leaves my skin so smooth-looking and flawless. I have redness around my nose area and some pores I like to cover on my nose, which this does both wonderfully. However, I only wear this on special occassion, bc I like to let my skin breathe during the week with just a light powder over face and I’m set to go. Rest assure though that I reach for this product almost all the time when I go out and the product lasts on my face pretty well throughout the day.

I’ve taken these pics back end of June and just got around to posting them so you can see product on.

Left pic: before blending; Right pic: blended

After setting powder and makeup

I definitely recommend this BB cream and now I’m on a roll in looking at others as well. The only thing about BB creams though is that they only have a select range of colors, so if you’re an NC25 or lower, this will work. Anyone higher, you can try setting it with your own shade of powder or a little darker to help even out the color.

Ratings: (5) out of 5 cosmos

If you’ve given this a try, let me know how it works for you! I, for one, will definitely buy this again once I run out. A little goes a long way for this product though so a definite good buy that’ll last you a long while. Hope this review help you out!


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  1. Sorry to hear that BB creams didn’t work out for you before. This one looks great though! I recently got some Skin79 though, so maybe after I use that one up I’ll look into this one. ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  2. the past ones haven’t but this one did. def glad to have tried it and loooooved it! gives my skin such a nice dewy look.

  3. My mom just bought me a bottle of this stuff too (she lives in Taiwan, so it’s cheap!) and I can’t wait to try it out now. I’ve been using the Missha BB Cream up until now, which has been great but it doesn’t have any whitening. Hopefully this cream will also work out for me.

    Thanks for the review!


  4. I’ve used L’egere bb cream before but this one seems to be really pale. Does the color blend in with ur original skintone?

    The summer sun has darken my skin a lot… just wondering if this would still work.

  5. it does.. the only thing with BB creams that they do not have a wide-range of colors so if you are NC 25 under, this should work. If not, I’d try setting your face with a little darker shade of powder to blend well.

  6. I have yet to try out a BB cream myself. The color match is perfect for your skintone, Mel! Makes your skin look totally evened out indeed!

  7. thx girly! =) i def love this BB cream!

  8. ooh nice!!! gonna have to go searching for this product!!

  9. love this stuff!


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