Karen & Craig’s Wedding

When my friend Karen had asked me to do her hair/makeup for her wedding, I must admit, I freaked a little – haha. I don’t mind doing hair/makeup if it’s for a photo session, because if I make any mistakes, I can always re-do the photo shoot. However, a wedding is every bride’s BIG day and if I mess that up, let’s just say it’s not something you can re-do again. Thankfully after a hair trial few weeks before the wedding, that calmed my nerves down a bit and the actual day went pretty smoothly.


For more photos, check out my photo blog =)


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  1. You did a great job!

    I envy people who can handle the stress of weddings lol.

  2. WOW I think you did a perfect and beautiful job…I love love it. Do you think you can recreate the look and post up a YT video? I just love the makeup and the hair so so much.

  3. thank u! uhh, i’ll try but updos like that take a long time doing on someone else, let alone doing it on myself! hehe

  4. Wow, her hair is absolutely gorgeous and I love how you really accentuated her natural features in the makeup.


  5. Thank u! 🙂

  6. You did a A++ job!! Her hair and makeup is beautiful. And the pictures themselves are worth a thousand words.