Face-Off Review: Remington vs. Emjoi

I have not had a face-off review in a long while and I thought having all these different brands of epilators out there; it may be a good time to start with these two. I did my Remington epilator review earlier that you can take a look.

Remington Smooth & Silky vs. Emjoi Light Caress

Since there was so much information to cover, I did a video review on these two.

I saw several benefits right off the bat when I got my Emjoi compared to Remington. The first obvious was that Emjoi provides a durable pouch to carry the epilator around and the pouch also includes various accessories that you may use with the epilator. I did forget to mention though that the weight of the Remington is lighter and definitely sleeker for those smaller hands than the Emjoi. I can use Remington right after the shower, because of its sleekness and smooth head that makes it easy to run along wet skin. With the Emjoi, because of its rubber texture for easy non-slippage grip, it doesn’t allow me that freedom as much.

On the other hand, I love putting on my moisturizer right after my shower and if I’m using Remington after my shower, my skin may have dried by then since you should apply moisturizer within 10 mins from washing. Your skin is more apt to absorb the products and keeps the products locked in. So for that reason, I love using the Emjoi before my shower and I can apply my moisturizers right after it. The only thing that I’d advise with using it before a shower is that it could hurt a little more if you’re not used to the epilator. Instructions said for usage after shower so that your pores are opened enough for easy pulling of hair.

Since I got the Emjoi, I’ve been using it alot more only because of the portability of it. I don’t have to be near a plug to use it and can bring it along a trip with me. Because it is rechargeable, if I happen to forget the plug, I can still use the Emjoi.

Once again, the option is yours. Which would you prefer? In my opinion, because I travel more, I would opt to bring the Emjoi with me. However, if you don’t travel so much, the Remington might fit your bill. =)

Hope this helps! =) Once again, thanks to Folica for giving me the opportunity to review the Emjoi Light Caress Epilator.

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  1. I think the remington would be more in my budget along with me not doing a lot of traveling. ^_^ thanks for the review and comparison.

  2. Hi! Just a quick question about the Remington Epilator. Do you find that it breaks your hair on the surface on the skin instead of pulling it all the way from the root? Would it cause in grown hairs? I have 2 friends that bought the exact same smooth and silky epi.. One of my friends finds that it breaks at the surface and the other said it works great. I’m just curious what you think of it since I’m in the market for an epilator

  3. @DifficultLea I do find the epilator breaking off hair but rarely though, and since I’ve used one, I do not have in-grown hair that gets red and bumpy. I will never go back to regular shaving.. You want to be sure to have the area nice and exfoliated if necessary. For less breakage, I always epilate right after my shower bc the pores are open enough for easy removal. hope this helps! =)

  4. I bugged my mom to get me the emjoi and it used to hurt me so much that I couldn’t use it as I expected. My college roommate used to have one and it lightened her underarm hair growth…I think they were just too scared to grow back, lol. Now I’m doing laser hair removal 🙂

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