Review: Save My Face Pillow

Everyone knows that sleeping on your side can cause pre-mature wrinkles on your face and I, for one, LOVE to sleep on my side. I remember my company was promoting this in their catalogue, but I never really got into it until they had these pillows on sale at one of the discounted employee tables. Since I bought it for so little, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to test it out.

Save My Face Pillow

You girls may laugh at me, but I absolutely LOVE this pillow. hehe. My face is not squished when I sleep on my side anymore. I place my ear right long the curve of the pillow and it helps lift my face off my own pillow. Also, I actually never realized this until I went onto the website just now, but you can double it up as a neck pillow for airplane flights! Umm, I’m totally going to use that since I kept thinking to myself to buy one, but never got around to it. I hate when my head flops over when I sleep on the plane – haha. I love multi-functional products! It’s small, convenient and definitely comfortable.

I believe I bought the La Petite size which fits me perfectly but they do carry Le Grand pillow as well. The only thing is the pillow itself is $20, but then you’d have to purchase the actual pillow case for another $20. I wish they would just include the case with the pillow, then it’d be the right price for it! hehe.

Have you girls seen something like this around? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comment section. =)


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  1. A big fat yay from me if it’s going to help prevent those pesky premature wrinkles!

  2. That pillow looks so strange. I am a stomach sleeper, and I don’t think there is a solution for that.

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  3. wow!! i have never seen or heard of this pillow before!! I’m totally intrigued now!

  4. hehe.. ooh.. stomach sleeper.. i think that would work too.. i mean ur face would still be on the side of the pillow unless you sleep w/ face down, then prob someone needs to invent a donut pillow.. hehe. =D!!

  5. Haha that’s so cool! I’m a side sleeper too, it’s just so much more… comfier! lol I’m gunna check it out…

  6. i hear ya rinni! hehe.. def comfy! i do try to turn myself on my back every once in awhile but always end up on my side anyways.. haha

  7. I would also try the MyFacePillow. It is much better at preventing your face from being smashed while you sleep. I don’t think it is available in stores, but you can buy it at

  8. Hi ive got this and a uk one ive also wrote a review if you fancy checking it out but I agree with you.x