Nail Tutorial: Classic French Manicure

It seems like ages since I put out a tutorial, but things have been so hectic for me and doesn’t look like that will end until possibly end of Sept. I’m actually heading out to Tampa, FL for my cousin’s wedding this Labor Day weekend so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do a quick nail tutorial. Of course, what’s a perfect nail tutorial for a wedding? The classic french manicure.

Materials used:

Orly Calcium Shield
Rimmel French White Tip PRO liner
Rimmel French Manicure PRO in French Lingerie
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry

I thought the Insta-Dry didn’t come with a dropper, since I opened the box so fast, but it did. =P I used another dropper that I had lying around. Hope you enjoyed this tut and until next time, have a great weekend!


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  1. I’ve never been able to grow my nails that long due to piano playing. This just makes me want to get a french manicure, haha.

    Congrats to your cousin and have fun at the wedding! 😛

  2. aww.. i’ll gladly cut my nails just to learn how to play piano. it’s still on my list to do though that’s for sure. =)

  3. You’re so good at it! It takes me a very long time to do French manicures…

  4. aww.. all it takes is practice to get better. =)