My Europe Trip

Finally had time to blog on my europe trip, which you can read more on my photoblog. It was awesome to say the least and I wish we had more time. I’m sure we’ll go again.


I’d definitely recommend cruising Europe if you’ve never been there just to avoid hotel costs when backpacking. You can leave your stuff in your cabin while you walk around. You only get one day per city per port, but it gives you a taste of what to expect and which city you want to visit again. To see more pics, head over to my photoblog. Enjoy! =)


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  1. You make me miss France! T_T My family is planning to go back to France to visit where we grew up. but i won’t make it cause I can’t afford to take all 3 of my kids ($1k per kid just for airfare) the time they’re going is summer and tickets are EXPENSIVE!!! T_T We also don’t have a sitter for 2 wks! LOL it’s a lose lose situation for me.

    off to your photoblog to checkout pictures and your trip.

  2. aww girl.. yeah that’s why we wanted to go now vs later bc life will get in the way sometimes. one of these days when they get older, u can go w/ hubby again as a 10 year anniversary or something =)

  3. i wanna go to Europeee T_T i was always planning but just never had the time to >.>
    hope you had funnn!!!

  4. had an awesome time! yes def go if u can.