Archives for September 2010

Review: Cellnique Skincare

So I had the fortune of trying out Cellnique Skincare and been wanting to try them for awhile after hearing so many great reviews. Thank you Selina for being an awesome rep and was able to send these my way to test them out. I had about 3 weeks or so to try them out […]

Fashion QT: Fast Flats

The first time I’ve heard about these flats was in Florida. I didn’t have time then to get them, but as soon as I knew I would be walking around DC friday night, I went straight into walgreens to get them. Dr. Scholl’s For Her Fast Flats – $12.99 At first, I thought it was […]

Review: Save My Face Pillow

Everyone knows that sleeping on your side can cause pre-mature wrinkles on your face and I, for one, LOVE to sleep on my side. I remember my company was promoting this in their catalogue, but I never really got into it until they had these pillows on sale at one of the discounted employee tables. […]

My Europe Trip

Finally had time to blog on my europe trip, which you can read more on my photoblog. It was awesome to say the least and I wish we had more time. I’m sure we’ll go again. I’d definitely recommend cruising Europe if you’ve never been there just to avoid hotel costs when backpacking. You can […]

Nail Tutorial: Classic French Manicure

It seems like ages since I put out a tutorial, but things have been so hectic for me and doesn’t look like that will end until possibly end of Sept. I’m actually heading out to Tampa, FL for my cousin’s wedding this Labor Day weekend so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to […]