Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge & Hidden Agent Concealer

*This post was actually from 2 years ago that I never did post. Not sure why it decided to post on me now but glad this review is helping you girls out. =)*

I was home in Philly for the weekend and took my sister to Target to purchase some foundation among other things. I remember there was a blending sponge there that I wanted her to try out bc I already have a brush for my foundation. At this price point compared to the Beauty Blender, this may be just as comparable.

Price: $9.99

Where to purchase: Target which you can also get 4% cash back from Ebates!

Size: about 3″?

Ingredients: N/A

Consistency: sponge-like feel =P

Smell: N/A

What it claims: For Applying, Blending and Smudging Makeup

What it actually does: We took it home and I immediately soaked it in water and used it to apply foundation on her. It applied on smoothly and very blended the foundation in pretty well. You have the bigger rounder end to apply all over face while the pointy ends go into the hard-to-reach spots.

Skin Type: Any skin type

Likelihood of Repurchase: I wouldn’t purchase it for myself since I have a foundation brush. For the price compared to the Beauty Blender – I’d say there’s not much to lose. It’s also very easy on the pocketbook if you have to replace it later.

Rating: (5) out of 5 cosmos

I’ve also used the Hidden Agent Concealer for about two weeks now and this has been my go-to concealer compared to Bobbi Brown’s corrector (I did end up returning the light peach corrector in favor of the agent concealer). It’s just more creamier and blends easily. I felt the corrector just is too thick and tends to crease on me even with a setting powder.

Price: $9.99

Where to purchase: Target which you can also get 4% cash back from Ebates!

Size: Compact size – easy to carry around. Only thing is there’s only one color to this concealer. Not sure if SK would add more to this area.


What it claims: Create a nearly flawless face with this exclusive quartet of concealers by makeup master Sonia Kashuk.

What it actually does: The texture is pretty blendable and I love how there are different shades in there in a small compact size to take with you. Even comes with the setting powder. I’m able to use the salmon color as my undereye concealer and the green color for red spots near nose area.

Skin Type: Because there’s only one range of color here, not sure if this would be able to apply to everyone’s skintone

Likelihood of Repurchase: I’m most definitely would repurchase this. The price is right for the concealer compared to MUF concealer pallete ($35), this can’t be beat.

Rating: (5) out of 5 cosmos

Disclaimer: I am not advertising for any company and am truly using the products to test it out and see if they work. These are my personal opinions and always encourage others to do their research before getting a product bc every one of our skintype is different.


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  1. Thanks for the review Mel! I’m really interested in the concealer now. I’m almost done with my MUF and was looking for something else to try.

  2. I have been really interested in the beauty blender thing, but this looks like a good dupe, haha!^0^ Thanks for the review!~~

  3. I’ve been wanting BOTH of these!! Why does the US get all the good stuff…? Humpf

  4. I use the Sonia Kashuk concealer, too! It’s really good combination of colors for covering up different skin issues, and the price is also pretty hard to beat, too.

  5. The blending sponge works really well. I don’t use it very often though because it’s kind of a hassle to clean. I think I’m gonna have to check out the concealer palette. Everyone raves about it! 🙂

  6. Haha, this post was an old draft that wasn’t ready to be posted. Too funny, but glad this helps u out!

  7. OMG!! I was just at target today!!! RAWWRR!! Why’d I read this so late! T_T LOL most definitely will try to go find the hidden agent concealer.

  8. OoOo i’ve always debated about the beauty blender vs the sonia kashuk version. about how long do these sponge things last until you need to toss them?

  9. the beauty blender seems was a product i was interested in but not convinced to invest in…the SK blending sponge seems like a good alternative