Product Review: Geo Circle Lens

I should be sleeping but as you can see, this post is up at 3:03am – le sigh. With good reasons though since this review has been a long time coming and I thank Candy from CandyLens for being so patient. She had sent me two pairs of contacts to try out before my europe trip and I was finally able to get a post together.

I’ve actually heard about circle lenses back in 2008 when my best friend had mentioned them being the craze all over Asia. When I first started on Youtube, I did a review on my old channel with my very first pair that I bought through Phyllis from MakeupforLife, but since have taken it down since I’ve switched channels. It’s almost irrevelant to post it up on my new channel, what with all the circle lenses reviews I’ve been seeing on Youtube, so I’ll just keep it to my blog instead. =)

Anywho onto my review on Candylens circle lenses. I chose the Geo Honey Wing Circle Lens as well as the Geo World Series Tri Color in Blue. I must have a ton of brown & grey circle lenses but I never did try blue before so thought this would be fun to try out. =)

The package came with all sorts of goodies and all neatly packaged together.

I know you’ve seen these animal cases before but how cute are these?!

I’ve never had my circle lenses bottle come in these cute little boxes.
Very nice touch!

The lenses themselves in very secured bottles.
Be careful when opening them since the metal protection casing
btw the lids is very sharp.

What they look like up close

And what they look like face-level

I definitely enjoyed trying them on since it gives you the freedom to change your look at a whim. These were definitely different from other ones I’ve tried on where it’s not your “bam in your face” circle lenses w/ the obvious dark iris. These blended into my eye color nicely making it look pretty natural which I like. Obviously, I am asian so you rarely see blue on any asian with few exceptions, of course. I definitely would wear them though going out just to give my look a bit of a kick. =)

Candylens is currently having a promotion where you can get a free animal lenses case to go with every $20 purchase.

Also these soccer cases are new in celebrating World Cup that’s been on everyone’s mind lately. You can get them with single pair of circle lens purchase – no dollar limit. How cute are these?!

Definitely check out CandyLens if you are in need of a pair of circle lenses. The prices are decent and service was great and quick coming from Singapore I believe. They have a wide-range of circle lenses selection from which to choose so that’s a definite plus in my book.

I thank Candy once again for giving me the opportunity to try them out so thank you!

Disclaimer: As for any type of lenses, please consult your eye doctor to be sure that s/he approve of you wearing them. Circle lenses are a little bigger in diameter to give you that doll-eye look, which means less oxygen will enter your eyes. If you have dry eyes like me, I wouldn’t wear them for long extended length of time. I’d say maximum of 4 hours would be ok but once again, please check with your eye doctor since I’m not one.


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  1. gorgeous, both brown and blue 🙂
    love it!

  2. Whoa, I love the blue lens on you, it’s so naturally blended and the color change really shows and beautiful. (And <3 world cup too)

  3. thx girls! yeah i’m loving the blue as well.. a different look than my usual brown =)

  4. in your first pic, on the lower right hand side corner.. IS THAT CUBYROP CANDY I SEE!??!? hhahaha only I would notice that.. i’m addicted to candy *sigh*
    still, the lenses look nice!

  5. haha… it’s candy, that’s for sure.. but not sure exactly which since it’s in my belly!! =P

  6. Wow, these blue lenses really make your eyes pop!
    Love the peachy pink cheeks/lips on you!

  7. i loved the little boxes they sent the lenses in! so cute! btw you remind me of a character you’d see in final fantasy with the lenses! LOVE!!! lol

  8. haha.. thx girls! yeah i’m so into the peachy colors for the summer! and FF? hahha.. i think i will wear those blue eye colors more often ;P

  9. WOW those blue ones really stand out! how pretty 🙂

  10. the blue looks fab on you! love the cases 🙂 and the little boxes that the lenses came in!

  11. thx girl! =D

  12. i really love the blue! i just bought a pair and i hope they turn out pretty like they are on you =)

  13. wow I love your blue lenses !

    I have the Super Angel Violet’s.
    Check out the full review on my blog ! 🙂

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