Lily Bee

After I returned back from my Europe trip, I did a photoshoot with the talented singer Lily who has her very own YT channel as well. She will also be competing with many other talents in the area for Kollaboration DC in September.

My fave original from Lily

As for the photoshoot, Lily loves vintage as much as I do, so I went for a pin-up look with gorgeous curls on her and of course a birdcage hair accessory. Nothing shouts out vintage like a birdcage. =)

For more of how the session went, you can head over to my photo blog.



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  1. Very pretty! I love the vintage X gaga-esque look. Great photos ^_^

  2. this look is so pretty, makes me want to say come over for a scone & a tea party !

  3. thx girls! =)

  4. ooo those lashes are pretty, which ones are they?

  5. omg, awesome

    you look gorgeous!!! so pretty
    love your style

    & always love your blog

    PinkMonkey: ~Emily

  6. You’re makeup gigs are always so beautiful Mel! And always so professional!

  7. thank u! haha.. that’s not me, emily =)