Catalina (cl2425) package!

I can never express enough how much I love the girls on blogger and YT that I’ve come to known the past two years. Because of the friendship and bond over beauty-related items, I’m always more than happy to pick something up that they otherwise would not be able to get. I never think of getting anything in return, bc really their friendship means alot to me already.=)

That’s what happened with Catalina. We were both searching for those NYC blushable cream sticks and I actually was able to find them near me, so I shipped some to her as well as a few things. I honestly never expect anything back, but today I got a sweet surprise in the mail. =)

What an awesome package! I absolutely love them all!

Catalina got me two things from Inglot, which I browsed at the one in London, but didn’t purchase anything. The packaging on the shadows is pretty awesome. It has two magnetic spots where you close the lid and the lid can be completely taken off for easy access. Be careful when opening the lid, bc the magnetic is pretty strong. You can easily pinch your fingers. The shadows itself are so pretty – a nice shimmery gorgeous purple with a shimmery dark brown. They are so pigmented after one swipe and the color is true to what you see in the pan. No swatches since I took pics before swatching. I can’t wait to use this duo in a tutorial! The lipgloss is a nice gold mocha color that I can’t wait to try!

She also got me two things from FaceShop – lipstick & a blush. The lipstick color is color #2 which is such a nice coral color. It’s perfect bc I’ve been wearing alot of peach colors for summer. The blush is color #PK103 – a nice shimmery rosy pink color that will definitely add some shine to the cheeks for awesome highlight. OMG, I can’t wait to try them all!!

Then of course I love my masks and lashes!

Thank you so much girl! I’d really appreciate it. *tear* Hope to meet you next time in person! =)


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  1. OMG all the things she got you are soo cute! Those lashes look awesome~

  2. hehe.. i know right?? seriously love them all! =D

  3. wow!! great package :))–mimi

  4. Great love pack! I know aren’t our blogger gals the best! So sweet and generous! 🙂

  5. most definitely!! i’m so glad to have met everyone thus far! =D

  6. Wow that was so sweet of her! Can’t wait for a haul/mini reviews on your babble channel *wink* lol What are your favorite Asian brands and items? I went into Mitsuwa today and was bombarded with colors. I didn’t know what to get! Plus a lot of the makeup was expensive.

  7. hehe.. def sweet of her! hmm.. i actually don’t buy makeup stuff at mitsuwa unless they are tools like the mascara guard. i love the hair velcro and buying shiseido tsubaki shampoos in red and q10 lotions there. of course, who can forget the candy goodies! =D

  8. Aw how sweet of her~ everything looks fantastic. I love watching both you and her on youtube ^^

  9. seriously so sweet! hehe.. thx girl! =D

  10. aww that’s so nice of her. The eyelashes look nice :D:D