Product Review – Eyeko Pretty London Nail Polish & Graffiti Pen Eyeliner

A month or two ago, Sophie from Eyeko had contacted me whether or not I was interested in trying out some of their new nail polishes as well as the Graffiti Eyeliner Pen. Being a big fan of their Eyeko 3-in-1 cream, which I still need to review, I immediately jumped at the chance.

Each nail polish has the names right on the label which I received Petite Polish (pink), Coral Polish (which seems more of an orangy-red) and Posh Polish which could be a great dupe to OPI’s metro chic or Rimmel’s Steel Grey.

The formula is great made with no Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor. The color is true to what you see from the bottle after one coat with pretty good coverage and another coat to finish it off. The bottles are so cute at 8.5 ml which you can carry several bottles without weighing down your purse too much. I’ve been really into cute little nail polish bottles btw. The cost for each bottle is at £3.50 which is roughly around $5 US. It also comes in Tea Rose Polish (soft pink), Vampira Polish (black with red shimmers), Vintage Polish (jade green), Cosmic Polish (black with multi-color shimmers), Nude Polish (au naturelle), Indigo Polish (midnight blue) and Lilac Polish (self-explanatory =P). Can’t wait to try them all! =D

After seeing the eyeliner, I had to put it to a test. It’s designed as a marker type of eyeliner and glides on pretty easily. If you have trouble using a liquid eyeliner, this pen actually gives you more control helping you stay in line more. I quickly drew it on and you can see the result above. The eyeliner does not smudge and last all day. Very nice in my opinion. The pen comes in BLACK (as seen), BROWN, NAVY, and PURPLE and costs £5 which is roughly $7.50US.

I usually purchase Eyeko products through Cherryculture but since they are pretty new, you can shop directly through their website.

Ratings: (5) out of 5 cosmos

The products were great so no complaints here and I will definitely have to go back and order some more of the nail polishes; that’s for sure! I thank Sophie and the rest of the people at Eyeko for letting me try out their new products. Hopefully we’ll see more of US stores in stock with them sooner than later! Thanks again! =)


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  1. I’ve heard pretty decent things about their polish, but the pen is new to me! Thanks for the review Mel!

  2. anytime wuz! =)

  3. Thanks for the review!!! 🙂

    much love,
    Enchi :3

  4. anytime! =)