Hair Tutorial: Donut Sock Bun

I was trying to find a pic online from the latest SATC 2 movie where I know Carrie wore a donut bun, but can’t seem to find it. This is the closest one from past seasons episode. Buns are almost a staple in her hairstyle regimen. So I thought I’d recreate her signature look with this donut sock bun tutorial.


Materials used:

2 hair ties
bobby pins
sock bun (for bigger bun, use two pairs of tube socks)
(you can purchase one here if there’s no time to make one)
hair spray (to tame down any flyaways)(not shown)
hair accessory of choice (not shown)

In hindsight, you can use a darker pair of socks if you have dark hair. In this case, my hair covered the sock so it was no biggie. Live and learn yeah? =)

Enjoy and good luck! =)


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  1. Another awesome hair tutorial! Love it!

  2. Mel your hair tuts are always so pretty!! But I love me my short hair, so I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to try one! LOL! But you look great! I’d never think of using a sock as a hair tool!

  3. thnks for sharing Mel!! 🙂

    Much Love,
    enchi :3

  4. that’s amazing! 😀 thanks for the tutorial! who would’ve thought you used a sock in that. haha

  5. hehe.. ur welcome! seems like you can use anything you have lying around with just a little imagination =)

  6. oh wow, this is the cutest thing. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  7. This was so helpful! I’m not a fan of Sarah Jessica Parker to be honest… but the hair style really reminds me of the high bun that seems to be really popular in Asian hair styles (which I had been trying to replicate/adore). Thanks a ton for the sock tip! 🙂

  8. wow, this tutorial was great!! yay! Now I have something easy and posh to try out for my hair (since I never really style it…so lazy) Thank you, Mel!!<3 I always love your hair tutorials. ^_^ Don't worry about not posting vids regularly or not having post them for a while. We all understand you have a life outside of blogging and that you're a very busy person!<3

    ♥ caroline