Summer Beach Hair Tutorial & Conair Infiniti Conical Iron Review

I’m loving the weather lately even the humidity over the past weekend. I have always been more comfortable in hot weather vs cold and normally don’t even put the air conditioner on unless it’s blistering 100 degrees – hehe. What a perfect time though to do a beach hair tutorial for the upcoming summer sun.

Also I had purchased the Conair Infiniti Conical iron that I wanted to try out since I’ve seen ones similar to it costing around $70-$200 and up. I don’t know the exact style name for this which is probably why you see me calling a whole bunch of names to describe it – haha. I bought this one for $29.99 after $10 off promo at Walgreens (retail $39.99) – not too shabby and does the job well. I will be bringing this with me to Europe – that’s for sure.

Here’s the video on how to use it and a mini review to go along with the tutorial.


Tresemme Heat Protectant Spray
Conair Infiniti Hair Tool
Clips (to clip hair out of the way)
CIBU Origumi Creative Paste

I love how it gives me soft waves and just very au naturale. It stayed on the whole night and I didn’t even hair spray it. Definitely give this a try – I wish Conair had come out with this sooner. =)


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  1. aww, Mel, the waves are so gorgeous on you! very au naturale, indeed! this is my IDEAL hairstyle that I can never achieve. :'( Soo sad! I can’t believe you achieved these pretty loose waves using this rod! Crazy! wait, I actually think I saw PurseBuzz curling her hair with a similar hair tool (just diff. brand that I can’t remember atm) and she got great waves, too! I’m glad to know it works well bc usually the “cheaper” hair tools don’t work too well with holding curls. YAYY! I love your hair tutorials! you are just too talented, Mel!<3 Thank you!

    ♥ Caroline

    p.s. I haven’t gotten a chance to search for it yet, but have you done a tutorial on how to curl hair with a flat iron? xD

  2. Super pretty~~

  3. I really love your hair! It looks so cute.

    Now this is definitely something I’d be interested in buying for myself 🙂

  4. wow i have wanted to get one of these irons but could not find them anywhere! will check out my walgreens, thanks!!

  5. aww.. thank u girls! i have not done a tutorial on how to curl with a flat iron.. still really trying to get the hang of it but then again, there’s tons of videos online showing how to do it – hehe.. so not sure I need to add one more =P

  6. you look super duper cute in your pics!
    love the soft gentle curls!

  7. thx girl!! =D