Sister’s Baby Shower in CT

So I had tweeted over the weekend that I was heading up to CT for my sister’s baby shower. My two sisters and I are so so very excited and anxiously waiting for the little one to come and since it would be our very first time being new aunties; we made sure that the shower would be the best there could be. However, I ran into a big of a snafu when I drove up Friday afternoon. The night before I had put together the diaper cake that I’ve been tweeting about and was all ready to go the next day.

Transporting the diaper cake was a bit tricky since I forgot to get some clear cellophane wrappers to wrap it in and tie it with a bow. Anywho, I had placed it on the backseat of the car and had placed few bags on both sides of the diaper cake so it wouldn’t budge. Running a little behind in picking up Georgetown cupcakes ( which to me are really comparable to Sprinkles – DROOL), it was pretty heavy enough that I placed it next to the diaper cake to keep it steady. Well one sudden stop made them both come topple over; cupcake icings smushed and diaper cake into smithereen. Well you can see that from the video. =/

Needless to say I was not a happy camper on my drive up since I had to stop and rearrange the cupcakes so they won’t get any worse which meant that I didn’t get to NYC in time to beat the rush hr traffic. You guessed it – it was an extra two hour of sitting in traffic going through to CT. Even when I did alternate routes, those routes were back to back with traffic. Anywho I eventualy got to my sister’s house and we all started decorating and setting up. We all woke up bright and early and next morning went smoothly til the end of the day and my sister was so happy with how everything went.

We also made sure there were tons of food and no one left hungry – haha. Omg, we ordered more than enough desserts but my sister’s in-laws brought even more dessert so our dessert table turned into a buffet table – haha.

With the help of my sisters, we scooped off the icings off most of the cupcakes and re-piped them. Everything was done and set aside, however, Kayla, sister’s bulldog, decided to help herself to four of the cupcakes – sigh. Good thing we had enough dessert to go around – hehe.

The cute little favors that my sister Lilly did.
Seriously, she should have her own business.

took this pic from sister’s cam.
other side says “a baby is brewing” – get it? coffee beans? haha.

Then Sunday I woke up early to do my sister’s makeup for maternity shoot. She always wanted to go Yale Campus to take photos which was a beautiful setting. The weather was cooperating albeit a bit chilly but we made do.

Here’s a snapshot of the shoot.

For more photos, you can head on over to my photo blog =)


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  1. im from the DMV area, just saying HI!
    i love georgetown cupcake!!!
    (redvelvet – MY FAVE)

    i wish i could make trips out to nj/ny too. it would be nice on my days off. ive been dying to use my stupid discount @ macpro in nyc. have you been there?

  2. Wow it looks like the baby shower was a hit! You did an amazing job on the diaper cake and those Georgetown cupcakes look delicious! You’re such a sweet sister 🙂

  3. hehe.. thx girls! oh, absolutely looooove red velvet.. oh u can use ur macpro card at any mac stores – there’s one in chevy chase and also in tysons corner. just not free-standing MAC counters like nordstrom.

  4. What a lovely shower!! The food is incredible!

    Good luck to your Sis!

  5. these are great photos!!! how long did it take you to do the diaper cake? i need to make two for a baby shower

  6. thx girls! once i got all the diaper ingredients, it really didn’t take me long – i’d say 20 mins tops =)

  7. Oohh love the pictures! All that food looks good! The diaper cake looks cute!!

    I’m so glad that I have a reprieve from all the baby showers. I had to make my first diaper cake 2 years ago…

  8. The diaper cake came out fabulous! My friend makes those too. OMG it’s soo much work! You did great with the diaper cake fix. I’d be soo pissed, but you handled it well!

    The shower looked beautiful! And all that food!! MMMM!!!

    I love how you took us to food place on your vlog!! Down with the croissant!! We want waffles!!

    Congrats again to your sis!

  9. congrats to your sister! looks like a fun baby shower. and those foods look yummy 🙂

  10. thx girls! haha, it wouldn’t be my vlog without talking about food now, would it? haha.. seriously baby season this year for realz!

  11. aww, the baby shower looked sooo cute! and if you hadn’t told us that the cake & cupcakes got messed up during the drive, i never would have guessed that there was anything wrong 🙂

  12. haha.. gotta show every step of my journey.. never an easy road =P

  13. Omg all that food looks so GOOD! I’m hungry now. And can you believe I’ve never tried Georgetown Cupcakes before? I live in VA, I’ve been to the DC-area a billion times, & I love cupcakes. I need to change that haha.

  14. i know i can use my card at any store.. (employee) i’ve just been dying to go to the macpro in nyc.
    😛 maybe next time u can take me with u!

  15. oh hehe.. yeah i’v been to the one in nyc but didn’t get anything… love nyc.. always fun to visit.. =D

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