Quick & Simple Hair for Work/School

I’ve always been trying to find the perfect hairstyle that I could wear to work which doesn’t look like I just woke up late – haha. I still want to look polished and well put-together and this style did the trick.


I’ll be heading to NJ/NYC this weekend so been trying to get some videos out before I leave. =) I’m going to try to vlog as much as I can there too. It’s actually easier than I thought to put together a video & show you what I’ve been doing rather than taking pics and posting to blog. hehe so stay tuned! Hope everyone has an awesome weekend and enjoy the spring weather! =)


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  1. polished indeed! 😀

  2. hehe.. thank u =)

  3. I’m going to learn this hair do for school.

  4. simple for on the go! =)

  5. I wish I could be better at doing hair. Love the look! :]

  6. This is so cute and polished looking! Wish I had known how to do this when I still had long hair lol…

  7. thx girls! super simple and easy with a little practice =)

  8. Very cute! You always say simple Mel, but I can never get it right! LOL!

  9. aww.. practice practice practice! every design will get easier as you practice more =)