NYC & WICKED part 2

So if you didn’t know already, I’ve been a tad WICKED obsessed – haha. It’s a bit funny though since I had little to no interest just a few months ago in watching the musical until I heard “Defying Gravity” on Glee. My sister was a bit flabbergasted that it took me this long to get into the musical since she was obsessed with it a year before. However, she never had me listen to any of the songs and I’m one of those people who have to listen to something in order to be hooked. I can’t be told to do or watch something; I need to have an interest in it in order to be persuaded otherwise. Therefore I blame entirely on Glee for introducing WICKED to me.

I was planning to watch it during the summer, but my friends decided to head up to NYC in Feb and asked me to tag along. They wanted to watch a musical too, but Mary Poppins since one of them already watched Wicked. I, however, really really wanted to watch WICKED so asked them if it was ok that I go watch it myself while the two of them watch Mary Poppins. So that was the plan and the weekend worked out perfectly since we went away during one of our big blizzards in MD. The show just blew me away but most specifically Dee Roscioli as Elphaba. Since then, I’ve watched interviews and recordings on Youtube and was determined to watch Wicked again, but little did know that her last day of Wicked was to be March 22nd.

Here’s a little behind the scene of Wicked from Dee Roscioli

She started out in Chicago Wicked for several years and blew people’s minds away as Elphaba before landing onto Broadway Wicked. Had I waited during the summer to come up to NYC to see the show, I would’ve missed Dee on Broadway so I am so glad that she was my Elphaba on my very first time watching Wicked.

Anyways, I was hoping that I would have some time before I head back to NYC again, but obviously that was not the case. haha. So I didn’t hesitate to purchase my ticket, but this time I booked for a seat four rows from the stage. It was only a few dollars more compared to the seat at the mezzanine. I was so close I could see the spit when they were singing – haha. It was just as awesome as I remembered and never would forget it.

While watching videos on YT, there was one that I came across that people waited outside the stage door for autographs. I had no idea that you could do that and I did. It was my first time doing this and I did not know what to expect. After the show, I went around the building and didn’t see the door. I had to go back inside and ask where the stage door was and it turned out to be right across building – haha, strange. Guess there was an underground walkway area across. Anywho, I chatted up with a few ppl there and they were nice enough to help me take a pic with Dee. It didn’t take long before she came out but before that, I had a few autographs of the other casts which I didn’t think about. haha. I was merely waiting for Dee but that was cool too. She came out and greeted us and was just so down-to-earth and so sweet. I was able to chat with her a bit while she was signing my playbill and such a sweetheart for sure.

There was a girl named Ryoko who came all the way from Japan for 4 days to watch Wicked and meet Dee. Wow, talk about total fan. She was so shaken and so happy to see Dee, chatted with her and gave her some gifts. I offered to help her take a pic with Dee and she was just so nice about it. Afterwards, we walked towards Times Square chatting most of the way and we parted ways at the subway. It was so great to be able to connect with another person who has such an interest in Dee and Wicked. Even though her English was a bit limited, I’ll never forget our little Wicked chat. =)

Anywho, before Wicked show, I met up with Lily, Lynnie, Jenn & Jenn for pork buns and dessert – hehe. Mona met up with us later for a little shopping at Soho. She also treated me to a few things which I love – more masks & some jewelry from her collection. Thx girly! muah!

The next day, I met up with Katie, her fiance Billy and Tammy for some Bon Chon. I wanted to try out a different location which I like better and that’s the one in Leonia – much more spacious and nicer. It was Tammy’s first time having Bon Chon and I think I may have opened up a flood gate bc she loved it. The place is really close to her home and I have a feeling she may be going there quite a bit – hehe. I aim to enable others when it comes to food. =P

Anyways, I did try to vlog as much as I could so here’s the video for that.

Since watching WICKED, I’ve practically listened to the cd almost everyday and just absolutely love it. So here’s my attempt to one of many fave songs on there. =)

Hoped you enjoy! =)


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  1. MMM yummos!! ANd I’ve still to see Wicked! Or any Broadway play…Thanks for sharing your cool experience with us! How neat that you got to meet the cast!

  2. thx wuzzy! i’m still reliving the night – sighh.. =)

  3. You’re a Wicked groupie!! lol

    It was great seeing you Mel! =)

  4. haha.. seems that way! best musical by far =D

  5. i’m sorry we didn’t get to spend more time together! i was totally incoherent that day lol