Girl Talk: Are you a Diva?

So there’s been a bit of a buzz over Twitter on this subject lately and I thought it was the best time to go ahead and blog about what I’ve been using and loving for the past two years. This topic is for ladies only so if there are any men out there who reads my blog, you can ex out of the page now – hehe.

Ladies, may I present to you the Diva Cup. You can purchase it on Amazon for $25.95. It comes in two sizes; one pre-birth and one post-birth to fit the size of your uterus. Lastly, I am by no means being paid for this review and I bought it two years ago before I even started blogging. =)

I must say I’ve been meaning to talk about it either on YT or blog about this about a year ago, but wasn’t sure if that’s something that I should, bc it was a bit too personal – hehe. However, I can’t contain my love for it any longer so here goes. I thought it may just be easier to blog about it. =P

I can’t imagine how I ever lived without Diva Cup during my past periods but since I’ve gotten it, I’ve never regretted it. Bye bye leakage, bye bye worrying about TSS although I wish I could say bye bye to my menstrual cramps, but unfortunately it’s not a miracle worker – haha.

Anywho, there are so many reasons why I love the diva cup:

One: you save a ton of money from buying tampons/pads. I actually have stockups of tampons/pads that have been untouched the past two years. The cup will last for a long time through proper cleaning. I clean the cup with mild soap when I’m in the shower and when I’m done with my period, I’ll clean it one last time with soap then boil it for 20 mins to sanitize. Then, I’ll place it in the pouch and tuck it away until the next time – easy peasy. However, even through proper cleaning, cup will eventually be a little stained and if that bothers you, you can always buy another cup to replace.

Two: It’s small that you can put in your purse and travel anywhere. It comes with a little pouch that’s not embarrasing at all to bring with you in case you need to open up your purse for searches at airports – hehe.

Three No leakage as long as you empty the cup every 3-4 hours and you can wear this overnight as well

Four You do not have to worry about having TSS if you wear this past 8 hours bc it is perfectly safe. I’ve done that plenty of times on my light days.

Ok, obviously this isn’t for the faint of hearts. If you are easily grossed out, then this might not be for you. However, this does make me wonder how girls go through their periods if they faint at sight of blood – hehe *shrug*

Anywho, before I bought it, I read through testimonials and had done a little research first. It took me some time to get used to using the cup and I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. However, after some time (2 years now and going), Diva Cup has seriously been the best invention ever.

While researching, I honestly thought how could a little cup be able to hold on heavy days? However, I was surprised that even on my heaviest days, the cup worked like a charm – you would just empty it every 3-4 hrs. On my light days, I usually wait till I go home to do it.

Also for those neat freaks out there, you can always bring a packet of towelette to wipe off the cup before inserting again, but you can very well do the same with toilet paper too. Once inserted correctly, you will not even feel the cup there at all. In fact, there have been days when I forgot that I was even on my period except for those times when I have cramps – hate those. If you used a tampon before, inserting this will be a piece of cake. I can actually insert this fine, but the thought of inserting a diaphram baffles me. I still don’t know how that’s done but that’s neither here nor there.

So, I hope I have enlightened all you girls and not scare you away. I’m sure you’ll have questions so feel free to ask or you can just go to Diva Cup website for more answers there on its FAQ page. =)


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  1. OMG this is really neat!! Such a coincidence, but last week I was ranting to my sis ~ I flippin get so mad at the tampon companies for making all this money from our pain, by overpricing cheap lil pieces of plastic that we are forced to buy every month.

    Thanks for sharing this ~ while many women will be grossed out, I find this helpful and I am definitely going to buy one and support this company!!!

  2. ahhahaha i saw you and xppink talk about it twitter all morning~! you ladies are brave. i’m squeamish about blood >.<

  3. I LOVE my diva cup, I’ve been using it for 4 years! I hope you don’t mind that I make a similar post about this soon!!!!

  4. hehe.. glad to help! nice K – by all means, do a post.. there should be more than one review on this product. =)

  5. woah, I never heard of this product before! It sounds interesting, I think I’ll have to try it out and see how it goes. thanks for sharing! 🙂

  6. Ahh so this is what ya’ll were talking about! LOL! It’s weird, I can put a tampon up in there, but things like this make me feel weird. Dunno why! LOL!

  7. hehe.. np! yeah i wonder why it’s not getting as much press as it should.. =D

  8. I’ve heard of this and was interested in trying it out, but I’m really bad with tampons… but I hate pads… actually I hate everything about my period LOL. Luckily I don’t bleed much since I’m on BCP, but this sounds awesome. Thanks so much for sharing!! I think we should really be able to talk more openly about these sorts of things. =)

  9. haha.. definitely.. we’re all girls here.. my mom was never into talking about these things so had to learn things the harder way.. =P

  10. Hey ^_^ It’s me y0omii from twitter ^^ I decided to stop by your blog haha. This is really an interesting product. I thought I’d be grossed out at first, but after reading your blog about it and after visiting the website for more info, I’m actually more interested in the product than I thought I would be… AND I found out that a store nearby sells it! I should definitely check this out… as well as find my matcha green tea! lol. Hope you have a good day ^^


  11. Kudos to you, Mel! I’m a big baby. I probably couldn’t do it. =\

  12. aww.. hehe.. glad u stopped by sherry.. yeah i think it just takes some time to get used to the idea.. once you see how much you actually saved from not buying tampons/pads – it’s really worth it =)

  13. thanks to you . and this video i did research on the divacup .and end up buying it on with $5 off coupon for 21.50 including shipping .thanks i love my divacup so comfortable im on my first cycle now and so much better than tampons

  14. aww, yay! glad u like it! once u go diva, can never go back! hehee..


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