Archives for March 2010

Jessica Alba (Susan Storm) Spring Wedding Look

Spring is in the air and you know what that means, wedding season is approaching – hehe. I was watching Fantastic Four 2 & just fell in love with Jessica Alba’s wedding look so I had to put something together for it. Hope you all enjoy =) Eyes: UDPPMAC Soft Ochre paintpotMAC Next to Nothing […]

Quick & Simple On-the-Go Hairstyle

Want quick & simple hairstyle for those times that you are on-the-go? This hairstyle is so easy a caveman can do it – haha! I love those Geico commercials. =P Enjoy! =)

Girl Talk: Are you a Diva?

So there’s been a bit of a buzz over Twitter on this subject lately and I thought it was the best time to go ahead and blog about what I’ve been using and loving for the past two years. This topic is for ladies only so if there are any men out there who reads […]

NYC & WICKED part 2

So if you didn’t know already, I’ve been a tad WICKED obsessed – haha. It’s a bit funny though since I had little to no interest just a few months ago in watching the musical until I heard “Defying Gravity” on Glee. My sister was a bit flabbergasted that it took me this long to […]

Quick & Simple Hair for Work/School

I’ve always been trying to find the perfect hairstyle that I could wear to work which doesn’t look like I just woke up late – haha. I still want to look polished and well put-together and this style did the trick. Enjoy! I’ll be heading to NJ/NYC this weekend so been trying to get some […]

Spring Nail Tutorial

Spring is coming March 20th so I have to do something for it to welcome warm weather with open arms =) Therefore, I put together this nail tutorial for spring flowers ahead. Materials used: DotterNail brushOrly Calcium Shield as base coatChina glaze nail polish in InnocenceRimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Violet MetalArt Deco Nail polish […]

Sister’s Baby Shower in CT

So I had tweeted over the weekend that I was heading up to CT for my sister’s baby shower. My two sisters and I are so so very excited and anxiously waiting for the little one to come and since it would be our very first time being new aunties; we made sure that the […]