Chinese New Year Nail Tutorial: Year of the Tiger!

This week has been one of those unschedule staycation where 2 big snowstorm; 1st one carrying 24 inches of snow and two days later, another brought 10-12 inches of snow. Since my work follows the federal schedule, we’ve been closed since Friday afternoon till today. I was fortunate enough to go to NYC the past weekend so I missed the big snowstorm but coming back was definitely more of a journey. Anyways tomorrow I’m heading off to Philly for CNY with my family but before I leave, I put together a nail tutorial for the occassion.


Orly Calcium Shield as base coat
Rimmel 60 second nail polish in 521 Dazzle
China Glaze nail polish in Ruby Pumps
China Glaze nail polish in Golden Enchantment
Art Deco nail polish in black
Seche Vite nail polish for top coat

Enjoy! Also, gong hay fat choy/xin nian kuai le! It used to be my favorite holiday but since I’m married now; instead of receiving red envelopes filled with money, I will be giving them out. boo =P Ah well, hope you non-married ones collect tons this year. =)


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  1. wow, this looks awesome!

  2. cool! have fun in philly!

  3. whoa thats so pretty
    love the stripes <3

  4. ooh i totally love this design! :]

  5. Happy CNY and Valentines!

    Love those tiger nails!

  6. looks so cool! looks so difficult. your hands are so steady!

    happy cny & valentines to you too^^ xx

  7. that looks so pretty ^^ I should try that…by they way fuz’s blog page disappeared o.o what happened?