Shiseido Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Review

I’m always big on buying products from drugstore especially when it comes to mascaras or eyeliners. However lately the mascaras have gone pretty pricey even though you can get deals on them like BOGOS, but really, who’d want to stock up on mascaras when you should throw them out after 3-4 months? Then it adds up testing all sorts of mascaras before finding the right one and who knows how much money you’ve just wasted doing that. I know I’ve spent plenty when it came to mascaras and I’m always just looking for the next best thing.

I’ve recently finished Rimmel Sexy Curve Waterproof mascara so whipped out my Shiseido Majolica Majorca mascara that I finally caved and bought before my 10 pan project. I thought I loved Rimmel Sexy Curve, because of the great separation of lashes without the clumpiness, but that was before I tried Shiseido MM mascara and I LOVE IT! So much so that this may be my go-to mascara from now on and you can see why with my review below:

Price $16.99

Where to Purchase: Imomoko

What it does: First and foremost, this mascara seriously, I mean, seriously did not smudge on me. It separates my lashes and lengthem them so well with just one coat of mascara. For thickening, I’d pair it with Shiseido mascara base. Seriously, I’m just amazed. There are two sides of the brush but I like to use the comb end when applying since it does the job perfectly. Also my lashes stayed curled like that ALL DAY LONG.

Likelihood of Repurchase: Most definitely will repurchase over and over again. The only thing is I’d have to order it online which runs the risk of not having one handy when I’m done with this one. Also it’s very hard to take off and I’ve tried the Mandom makeup remover which I’ve heard supposed to take off japanese mascara, but it did not. I’m about to go back to my Sonia Kashuk one that I love so much. However this still does not deter me from repurchasing it. This mascara has everything that I want in one and I’m not going to let go! I have to say that this may top my Imju Fiberwig one too because I’ve never seen it hold a curl like this one.

Ratings: (5) out of 5 cosmos


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  1. My fave mascara ever! Holds curls like hairspray lol great review hun x

  2. I love this mascara too!!! Once I used this, I could never go back to any other mascara because it couldn’t beat MM’s long lasting curl, lengthening factor and waterproofness.

  3. holy crap, your lashes look AMAZING! 🙂 this is waiting in my drawer of “to get to” mascaras.. hahaha.

  4. hehee.. this mascara has now spoiled me.. sighh =P

  5. Dude, you should try the Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl too! That one is totally smudgeproof and amazing as well. It actually curls a good amount too! 😀

  6. haha.. oh noo.. dont’ tell me another.. i seriously love this mascara! =D

  7. oil based cleansers work for this mascara! I love it too!

  8. This is the mascara forever on my wishlist, since EVERYONE raves about it! LOL! But I can’t see myself paying $16.99 + ship to Hawaii for mascara! LOL!

  9. i kno! finally jumped on board and can see why.

  10. haha.. heck yeah it’s a pain to remove! i’m thinking oil-base makeup remover is the way to go for these.. i still love the mascara for its results.. wow

  11. i love using this mascara, but usually grab lashblast in the morning because it’s easier to use 🙂 i definitely use an oil cleanser to take off the majo majo mascara though – i don’t know what else would be able to take this stuff off!

  12. Yes, oil based remover works well to remove MM mascara… in other hand, i find oil based remover doesnt work well with Maybelline’s mascaras.. hahaha

  13. haha.. always the case!