I’ve been LUSHED!

I know I’ve mentioned a couple of times throughout the year how I cannot stand the aroma that overwhelms me everytime I walk by a Lush store. I’ve seen so many Lush haul videos but just never had the urge to buy some. Believe me though when I say that I have walked in about 3x last year and just walked right back out empty-handed.

However just recently, I’ve walked into Lush this time with the intention of getting myself some bubble bars for a pampering night. I did look at the bath bombs but the idea of having fizzies in the bath tub while I’m in it just doesn’t appeal to me. Anyways, there are a few bubble bars from the stash, however, that I was able to choose without feeling nauseous and I’ll list my favorites below. =) Images were provided from Lush website.



When I saw that there was a rose one, I had to get it.
I just love the scent of rose.

This was one that was given to me for free.


The SA recognized me from last time sniffing at all the products before deciding on 2, then came back later to pick up some more bubble bars – hehe. She mentioned that this bar scent is great in water but not so much when u smell it.

This one is probably my favorite one which comes in
all sorts of colors and I just love the flower shape

The greatest things about these products from Lush is that they do not test on animals & some of them are even Vegan. These bubble bars can be broken off to create one full bath & the bubbles just fill up the tub so you can use one bar for at least 4 baths – at least for me. If you want more bubbles, u can definitely break off more. Also these bars can be stocked up – up to 2 years so there’s definitely no rush in using them all b/4 they expire.

I also figured out what to do with my lush products. I used a leftover cocktail container from my bridal shower. I have them in all sizes and still never had a reason to use them again so this was perfect! =D

I think I will pamper myself with a nice bubble bath more often now. What about you girls? 😉


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  1. I love baths! I remember when i first walked into a Lush store I was like OMG *covers nose* because the smells fused together were so strong but after people raved about it I went back and now I love the store!! Those look so yummy ^_^

  2. CUTE way to hold it all!! ^__^ glad you found some LUSH stuff.. i got some over christmas.. but haven’t used it yet, haha. i should soon though!

  3. I just got into the lush stuff when they had the after Xmas sale, and I’m such a fan! I usually only have time for a shower, but I’ll make time for a bath with some lush. I figure I pay so much for it, I better soak in it for a while lol =)

  4. the cocktail container is so cute! i still haven’t tried anything from lush, but i’m very tempted to after seeing how much everyone raves about it..

  5. that’s such a cuuteeeeee display for your lush goodies!! 🙂

  6. I love lush! I agree tho the smell is very overwhelming but as soon as u get into ur car or house, everything just smells sooo good! I love the cocktail glass!

  7. oh, cute soap soaps…. wink 😉
    I heart LUSH snowcake, that’s the only LUSH I’ve tried so far

  8. hehe.. lush can be a bit pricey but sometimes we need things in life to pamper ourselves =D

  9. I LOVE LUSH Bath Bombs! I did a post today on baths, lol!

  10. hehe.. yes there are many who love the bath bombs! just not for me.. hehe =D

  11. swanky storage 🙂 I usually go for the bath bombs, but the next time I’m willing to step into all the sensory overload I might pick up a bubble bar or two!

  12. I loveeeee bubble bars! I’ve only tried one though since LUSH isn’t available here so I had to get mine from Australia. You should check out Creamy Candy, I love it so much!

  13. aww.. hope they open one near you ilyana! hehe.. it’s funny that some of us have to brave our noses in order to walk in the store =P

  14. Ahh, I adore Amonopondo!! Sadly I think I’ve become allergic to the sulfates used in those (they make the most amazing bubbles though!!!!) so I’ve stopped buying them…(and basically bubble baths in general… all over body rash is really not fun). I’m definitely going to stock up on the bath melts the next time I’m there though. So happy you’ve finally been lushed! LOL!

  15. ooh, all over body rash is definitely no fun! awww.. yeah the bath melts is something i want to try next for sure =D hehe..

  16. MMM LUSH!! I just wish it wasn’t soo expensive sometimes! LOL! That and I don’t have a tubby tub! LOL!