How to Trim Layered Hair & Sideswept Bangs (Updated)

Happy New Year! I’m in the process of redoing past videos so this is one of them & decided to update this post too. I’ve been trimming my hair since high school and of course practice makes perfect. I actually didn’t get my very first hair cut until I went to college and even then, I would take note of my stylist – how they cut, style – so that I could learn on my own next time I trim at home.

Whenever I get haircuts, I prefer to get blunt cuts and always mention to my stylist NOT to razor my hair. Even when they use scissors to do the razor-motion, I still say no bc this method will create split ends on ur hair. Also with blunt cuts, I find hair grow out much better in nice layers rather than jagged layers.

Products used:

Trimming Sheers (beauty stores)
Texturizing Sheers (beauty stores)
CHI 44 Iron Guard Heat Protectant Spray
Revlon Hot Air Brush
(bought at cvs, but no longer there so google for one)
CIBU Creative Paste

I also have one just on sideswept bangs



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  1. meeeeeeeeeeel, your bangs look great! i think its better to trim at home cause you know exactly what you want unlike at the hair salon .. they always try to pressure me to cut my hair shorter!!! hahaha i also love velcro rollers ;]

  2. Thank you so much Mel! I got bangs ~ 9 months ago and I always just let them grow out between cuts since I can’t trim them myself, now I’m gonna try it myself! 😀

  3. omg you did such a great job! I always try to trim my bangs at home, but they don’t turn out that well. I’m gonna try doing it your way next time. Thanks for the video! 🙂

  4. Thanks for the video…very helpful!!..

    Awesome look!

  5. Great tut Mel!!

    But I’m still scarred to cut my own hair! I’m always afraid I’m gonna screw up! LOL!

  6. yeah! i always trim myself bc salons NEVER get it right! hehee.. and don’t worry! hair grows if u make any mistakes! =)

  7. i love how u trimmed them! i need a blowdryer like u have cuz my bangs NEVER want to lay right. i cant wait til they freakin grow out. miss ya!

  8. That’s SO helpful!! 😀

  9. hehe.. thank u! =D

  10. great video! i need to learn how to do my own bangs without paying $30 every time to trim them. i need me a texturizer scissors!

  11. Great video!

  12. thx! glad that helped =)

  13. wow, you make it so easy!! i’ll definitely refer back to this video when I feel the need to trim my bangs (i have a short forehead too) btw, what kind of airbrush hair dryer do you have? p.s. i just realized that your intro song ends with “L.O.V.E. 就是你“ am i right? 😛 i can’t believe i didn’t notice it cause i watch a lot of your videos! >_<

  14. thanks for the video, your really good, thats how my mom cuts (shes a cosmetologist) hey chat w/ me on my blog on my cbox( i really like your blog

  15. Nice vid! I’m always taking the scissors to my ends at home too =)