How To: Depot Urban Decay Primer Potion

Ever have problems with UDPP drying out when depotting? I’ve had my tube for the longest time, because I was afraid to depot it and have the primer dry out on me. One of my subscribers brought to my attention that EnKore had a tip on this who got it from Brittany (ClumpsofMascara). Sharing is caring right?? hehee.. It seems you just need to find the right container to prevent that from happening.


Empty Twist Pens – $1.95…
Spatula (included in some skincare lines)

I was able to fill two containers and the tube was pretty empty but still had a good chunk of primer left. Try this method and see how it works for you. Enjoy! =)


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  1. Oh what a fabulous idea!!! Way smarter than putting it in a glass or plastic pot! I am definitely gonna do this when I get to that point with mine!

  2. makes a huuuuge difference! =D

  3. When I cut mine the bottom cracked off too. 😛


  4. haha.. my goodness! twins for sure!! long lost at birth – haha =D

  5. You’d think that UD would get wise to everyone cutting their little genie bottle open! LOL! Isn’t the face primer in a tube? They should just switch over! LOL!

  6. i kno right?? obviously they should’ve gotten the hint but haven’t seen anything yet! hmpf

  7. Hey Mel, I tagged color tagged you on my blog. I’m sure you were tagged before when they were going around but I figured I’d tag you anyway. 😉

  8. I think you have to put it in a glass jar if you want the screw top container 🙂 The plastic ones always dry out!

  9. as long as it’s air-tight, should work.. =D