Color Tag: Green

I haven’t done too many tags lately out of laziness (ha) but this Color Tag, tagged by the lovely Jen , was not your normal questionnaire tag. Here, you list items that you have in the color chosen by your Tagger and for this particular one, that would be green. Since I’m a girl who loves all colors of the rainbow, it definitely wasn’t too hard to find something in green – hehe. In fact, I found a little more than enough so I lumped together some of them in the pics. =P


First off, why wouldn’t I have nail polishes in green? haha. That would be China Glaze Kaleidoscope Collection nail polish in He’s Going in Circles and Essie’s nail polish in Mint Candy Apple (the prettiest mint color you ever see on nail polishes)


Both necklaces from F21 (where else? =P)


I’ve actually had this bracelet since high school I believe and always kept it. I probably just got it off some vendor in chinatown – hehe.


Same with these pouches. As you can see, I’ve used them quite a bit from jewelry holders to coin purses to card holders. I’ve stored them away since but always seem to keep them handy in case I need to use them later. =D


Of course, who can forget La Mer products stored in these lovely green boxes which are pretty sturdy to hold anything else. I tend to keep nice boxes around in case I need them for something else – hehe.


We actually bought these mangoes 2 weekends ago but were still too green to eat so they came in perfectly for this tag. hehe – mmm, I could eat mangoes all day if they weren’t so expensive to buy all the time. =P


Lastly, me attempting to model my OOTD last friday. I’m wearing my mint green top with bow detail tie in front from Zipia over F21 skinny jeans & nine west heeled boots.

So that’s my 7 items in green. Now I tag the following 7 ppl below with the color Peach!

1. Songling
2. Ilyana
3. Tiffany
4. Fuz
5. Catherine
6. Jess
7. Jamilla

Fun! Can’t wait to see what you girls came up with – hehe. Enjoy! =)


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  1. Pretty nail polishes!!!!!!!!

    Mmmm…lovely mangoes! LOL, I would eat them everyday if they weren’t so expensive too. But my mom keeps on saying that too much is bad =/

  2. that is SUCH a cute shirt !

  3. Cute pouches! I have similar ones but in red =) How are you liking La Mer?

  4. ohh, i’m loving La Mer.. although I only use it at night to save it – hehe.. too much of anything is a bad thing! =P

  5. Yay for green it’s one of my fave colors! LOL! THis reminded me that Sarah & Eki tagged me for this ages ago! LOL! Whoops!

  6. This is such a cute tag – love your outfit! The color of the top is so pretty!!!

    And oh man – peach… I really have to get thinking! LOL!

  7. I love Essie’s Mint Candy Apple just as much as you. Your boots are fierce! Just how many shoes do you have lol?

    Thanks for the tag, I’ll do it up soon <3

  8. last i counted, i have over 50 but that’s normal for a girl right? hehe

  9. i have a ton of those pouches from my mom, haha – perfect for storing my nicer jewelry and yup…i have one in my purse as a coin purse =P

    mmm mangoes…I’d eat them all the time as well, if I could!

  10. ahaha.. Peach, i need to think on it now!!!!

  11. Oh maybe I’ll make this my comeback post, haha.

  12. haha! comeback post sounds like a great idea! =D