Beauty Blogger Secret Santa!

This year I was able to participate in not 1 but 2 Secret Santas – one thru Kay and the other thru Pam – thank you girls for putting it together! I couldn’t wait to see who my secret santa was!

My 1st Secret Santa through Kay was Songling! She’s such a sweetheart to send me whole bunch of masks, makeup and a pair of earrings that she made. Her package actually arrived today, which I was a bit nervous last week when my SS package through Pam arrived earlier. Darn the postal service for delaying the package but anywho, it came safe and sound!

One of the makeup didn’t come so safely though but at least majority was good. Darn you PO! Overall, loved everything. Thank you Songling! =)

My 2nd Secret Santa through Pam’s was Ilyana! She was so genergous including so many masks from Silk Whitia, so much goodies as well as a nice bracelet to add to my collection. Thanks girly! Can you believe that Elfster randomly draw us as each other’s SS?! I thought that was ironic, hehe, but glad that I was able to get to know another blogger. =)

I started snacking on one of the goodies in Hubby’s taz slippers while waiting for him to come home from work. hehe.

So glad I participated in these because it was so much fun and always a surprise to see who my secret santa was. Thank you so much ladies to have hosted.

One other gift arrived today and they were from lovely PuppieLuv913
We were going to collaborate on some jewelry for charity but unfortunately life became too hectic so it’s been tabled. However, she was so sweet to have sent me jewelries anyways and they are just gorgeous!

Please check out her jewelry site if you like what you see. =) Thank you girly! I can’t wait to wear them! You definitely didn’t have to – they are definitely much prettier in person! I feel so loved. =D Anyways, I hoped everyone had a great holiday and now it’s time to gear up for New Year’s Eve!! =D You ready??


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  1. Everything looks so good! I’d love to try those masks if I could, LOL.

    Enjoy all the goodies and hope you had fun. I also participated in a secret santa but my package hasn’t come yet =/ I’m getting nervous, but hopefully it’s just the darn post office’s fault

  2. Aww how awesome! I’ve really enjoyed reading all the Secret Santa posts!

  3. What a great idea!!! I love Secret Santa!!! Are those Hi-Chews I see!!! I love those candies!! I can’t find them in my area but enjoy one for me 🙂

  4. I’m so glad my package arrived safely! And yeah isn’t it funny how we’re each other’s Secret Santa?

    I hope you enjoy your new Silk Whitia masks and the candy/chocolates I got you! I loveee everything you got me, I’ll post it up soon – thank you Mel!


  5. Wow, mask heaven! Everything looks amazing-congrats. Happy new year!

  6. what lovely SS packages 🙂 I still have to work on my posts for Pam’s SS, haha. ooh, let me know how you like the strawberry silk whitia mask – i’ve been curious about that one but i can never seem to find it when i’m on sasa!

  7. ooh okk.. yeah i’m stocked full of masks for awhile! haha.. love it! and the hichews in lychee, mango and peach – omg.. so good!

  8. I participated in both these SS too! LOL! Looks like you got great generous prezzies from both! 😉

  9. >.<
    uh… bad PO bad PO….
    let me know if u need me to send u another package for blush and so on 🙂
    hooray for masks ^^

  10. awwww love the necklace its prettty! I got Pam herself as my SS! Very unexpected! 🙂

  11. hehe.. thx songling! no no i’m fine.. i dont want to risk another PO scare.. hehe.. this was so much fun girls! i’m glad we were able to participate in the SS exchange =D