This Little Piggy Went Home to Mel

If you were right next to me, you would’ve seen my face when I was handed a package from my mail guy and I squeeled like no other when I saw who the sender was.

any ideas??

Ta da!!
And you wouldn’t have guessed it from who and no, it’s not from rae360. I remember bumping to her page one time and absolutely wanted one of my own! I msged her few months back, but received no response at all, which was a bit disheartening.

However, my luck had changed few weeks back when I saw Miss Krafty of them all, KT had posted few of these piggy creations and I was quick to msg her and see if she was selling them. She was more than happy to and I just waited till she returned back from Canada and finally have myself one of these cute little piggy to call my own!! So worth the wait. =D

So cute!!!
Again, not a huge HK fan but this is too cute as well!!
More photo ops with Xiao Ju? of course! Like the name? Because I tend to eat more than I should, my hubby gave me a nickname among many others and that would be “fei ju” haha.  Um, yeah it’s not so nice but it sounds cute when he says it. haha.
I didn’t even realize there’s a cute butterfly in the back?!?!
Omg, I’m going to faint with all this cuteness! haha.
KT, you just made my day 10x more! Thank you love for making this.  Love you!! *MUAH* You bet I will be taking this with me on photo trips a la my fave photographer Tony Yang’s El Bob.  He’s the one who took my photo that I have in my intro for YT videos and I absolutely LOVE his photography.  So rest assure that this will not be the last time you see “Xiao Ju”.  In fact, it’s only the beginning. 😉

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  1. Hahaha Fei Ju Fei Ju!!! *chants* Very cute!

  2. lol that’s so adorable. 😀

  3. haha.. i better not hear you say that when i see you Fuz!!

  4. So cute!

  5. adorable 🙂 i have one of rina’s (rae360) but i do love KT’s rendition ^^

  6. the pig is very cute indeed… I’m also not a big hello kitty fan probably grew out of it back in high school hahahahaha

  7. oh that’s it! rae360.. i think i tried to google rae60 but came up with nothing.. haha. =P

  8. that pig is SUPER CUTE!!! omg i want one now!!! haha! cute lil ju ju!!! 😛

  9. KT is the bomb!! Such a cute piggie!!!

  10. total kawaiiineessss!!

  11. Adorable! I love the little wings! ^-^ Fly, piggie, fly!! Such a nice name for a pig, little pig. Hehe. I eat more than most people too but I don’t get called “fei ju” because I’m kind of on the slim side..LOL

    Love all the junk food too! LOL Yum ^-^

    Follow me?

  12. im considered slim too but hubby still calls me that to be funny =P

  13. aww so cute! gotta love that crafty KT 🙂

  14. eeek those are too cute !hehehe

  15. Awwww the piggy is sooo cute 😀