Halloween Night Fun as Greek Goddess

Last year I went to a house party for Halloween and it was way too boring, but this year I made a point to head out to DC for some dancing and costume fun. At first, I was going to go as Lady Gaga but then changed my mind and went as a Greek Goddess. Fuz went as a kitty which was kinda ironic bc this was the first time ever. haha.

For my costume, I actually have the white cotton dress bought from F21 during the summer so I used that. All I needed were just few materials from fabric and craft stores to put together my accessories. I made the sleeves, the leaves shoulder strap and the leaves on the headband. Overall I didn’t think it look too bad, except maybe get some sleep! sigh, bags bags, go away! =P

The hair was inspired from this picture. I actually did put in an order for this wig but then last minute canceled it bc I was thinking that I could totally do the hair myself – hehe.

The leaves on the headband was a last minute detail since I didn’t plan on putting them together but worked out great in the end.

If you want to see how this look was put together, check out the tutorial.


MAC Paintpot in Rubenesque
Urban Decay e/s in Maui Wowie all over lid
MAC e/s in Soba to contour lids
Urban Decay e/s in Smog for outer corner
MAC e/s in Vanilla for highlight
L’oreal Linear Intense in black
Urban Decay e/s in Polyester Bride for inner corner
Maybelline eyeliner in espresso to line bottom eyes
MAC e/s in Night Maneuver to set liner and deepen the corner
NYX gold glitter liner to line top and bottom
Ardell Demi Whispers


Eyeco Cream for highlights
NYX Ultra Pearl in white to set cream
MAC Emote to contour cheeks and nose


Maybelline Moisture Extreme lipliner in Toast
MAC lippy in Glaze Sunsational
Revlon Creme de la Chrome lipgloss in Spice It Up
UD Maui Wowie for middle lips to highlight


Hair Spray
Clip in curly hair
Bobby Pins
Two 1/2 inch clip-in hair
Braid headband
Gold headband
Leaves spraypainted gold and
attach together onto headband


I did my friend’s Cleopatra look below. She’s typically not into dramatic makeup so this was a shocker after I was done – haha. She had alot of compliments that night so felt more comfortable with it as the night wore on – haha.

Then after that, I did my friend’s (in green below) hair and we were all set for Park Lounge.

Mr. H came in an amazing costume – most popular of the night although he was sweating bullets under a crowded lounge roof – haha.

Overall it was a fun night but the club was soo packed that it was hard to dance. I mean I suppose I shouldn’t expect any less for halloween night. Hope you all had a great Halloween yesterday!


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  1. you guys had so much fun! and everyone looked so nice too. Poor Mr. H but he was a great sport to do that. Fuz is a lucky girl to have him! 🙂

  2. LOL Mr. H looks GREAT!!! and you and fuz looks amazing!! Love your Greek Goddess look! The headband especially is so gorgeous!

  3. Your look is awesome! Very pretty! OMG I want to hug that guy! (I LOVE korilakkuma) :3

  4. very nice costume! I ♥ it

  5. your costume turned out great 🙂

  6. You guys all look amazing! I love your headband – I would totally wear it normally too! Your hair turned out really awesome – way better than the wig I think. =) And LOL @ Mr. H!! That is an AWESOME costume hehehe.

  7. you look pretty!

    haha mr. h!! that’s an awesome costume!!! hahaha

  8. You looked Fabulous Mel 🙂

  9. MEL!!! You are crazy creative!!!
    That has got to be the best halloween costume I’ve seen yet! Especially since you made everythiing! I think it would cost a lot to buy a costume like that…
    That headband is so gorge…
    I love the makeup too, sooooo pretty… goddess like indeed!

  10. how very adorable. omg is he wearing a big bear thing!?

  11. You guys all looked great! You can really see all the effort you put into making your costume! And it payed off! LOL at Mr. H!! Fuz must’ve been laughing all nite!! Your friend’s makeup came out great too!! Glad you guys had fun!

  12. you looks so gorgeous with that Greek goddess costume! and you guys seems to have so much fun! ^o^

  13. You and fuz look so so so pretty. Mr. H’s costume made me laugh. ^^

  14. thank you girls!! had tons of fun.. haha.. glad the costume came together well since I was procrastinating towards the very end there =P

  15. Your costume came out great! Looks like you had a lot of fun! 🙂

  16. Hahahaha!! Loved your costume, you were truly golden, and your friend was perfect as cleopatra! Park was SOOOO crowded, holy crap, hahaha.

  17. awww your costume looks great!! 😀

  18. tons of fun and yes PARK was freaking crowded! =P

  19. LMFAO! love your outfits 🙂

  20. super cute!!!

    you look so pretty in all the pics. looks like you had a lot of fun. ^^

  21. Love your costume! The leaves headband is so pretty! And your makeup is great too! I’ve seen so many bloggers dress as Lady Gaga…why is that so popular? o.O

    And Fuz is so cute! LOL @ Mr. H’s costume. So cute.

    Follow me?

  22. Great look! Specially thos gold leaves, they’re awesome. Cleopatra looks stunning too, her makeup! WOW! And Mr. H’s costume is super cute, LOL!

  23. wow.. so pretty 😀

    I follow you now

  24. I love your costume. How creative! You live nearby me. haha

  25. Your costume is so lovely, and you looked stunning! Love how you did the makeup and hairs! So beautiful! <3