Bow Updo Tutorial & More

Hello, long time no bloggy! hehe. Anywho, I’ll start from two weekends ago, I attended my friend’s wedding and did one of the bridesmaid’s hair plus my friend Linda’s hair as well as my own not to mention makeup too! So you can imagine that I had pretty much little time to squeeze anything else in. However, it was definitely a beautiful wedding which you can see more pics on my photoblog but for now, here are a few pics of the makeup/hair for the day.

Linda’s makeup/hair

The bridesmaid’s hair/makeup

my hair

wanna see how it’s done? check out the vid if you haven’t already =)

Hair Materials:

Hot Rollers
Bobby Pins
Hair extension clip
Tons of hairspray



Light Fall e/s
Smudged Violet e/s
Wedged e/s
Signed Sealed e/s
Graphology e/s
Digit e/s
Vanilla e/s
UD 24/7 liner in zero
L’oreal Linear Intense in black
Rimmel Sexy Curve in waterproof


Nars Laguna
MAC Mineralized blush in Improvise


Viva Glam II lipstick
P&J lipgloss in #8

Then last weekend went by a blur but I do remember meeting up with some fave ladies for brunch & a movie Sunday. We met up at Cheesecake Factory for some eats and then headed over to watch New Moon.

Xiao Ju came along too =D

And she met up with Aubrey’s little bear from a baby shower
haha – too cute!

The movie was really good and I can’t wait for Eclipse in June!! =) Anywho, I’ve also been concentrating on my photography recently and to explain the crazy lag of time between posts, I have been trying to update my photoblog as well as going out on photo sessions.  This one particular album I finished was from a model who contacted me from a site wanting to work with me.

So this is the result below.

For more pics, head on over to my photoblog =)

I’ll be heading up to Philly for Thxgiving holiday this week so I’m pretty sure I won’t have much time to blog.  I hope everyone have a great turkey day and eat lots! I know I’m planning to =P


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  1. Aww yay sounds like you had fun. The hairstyles are GORGEOUS. If we ever meet up, please do my hair? <3<3<3

    Your photography looks great! Pretty pics and pretty model. 😀

  2. Great pics Mel! And the makeup on all the girls are fantastic! Wow … I don’t think I’d be able to pull that beautiful intricate hairstyle off! But you made it look so pretty!

  3. hehe.. now my comments actually showed up! it was like weeks.. weird.. haha, i’d love to play with ur hair Jen! =) thanks wuzzy! =)