Halloween Birthday Blog Contest Canceled instead MAC Giveaway!

So it looks like there weren’t that many takers for the contest and it seems almost useless to have prizes for only a few entries. For those of you who submitted, thank you so much! Unfortunately Nu and I have decided to cancel the contest due to low participants. However, I did get 2 items so far for the contest and I don’t feel like returning them sooooo….

I’ll go ahead and do a giveaway starting now through end of October and opened internationally. There will be two drawings for prizes from MAC Style Black collection:

“Much Raved About” Exfoliator
Mineralized e/s in Cinderfella

Usual Rules:

1. Be a follower on my YT channel, blog AND twitter as well as my fan page!

2. If under 18, please have parental permission.

From now till end of October, I will go onto my fan page and randomly ask a question regarding myself such as: What’s my favorite food? or What do I like to do? To be fair, I’ll only ask questions from posts that I’ve blogged thus far, so if you’re a true reader, you would know the answer right away! =)

First question winner who gets the answer correctly will receive the exfoliator. Second question winner will receive mineralized eyeshadow. Contest will end 10/31 11:59pm EST.

Alright, get to know me now! hehe. Good Luck! =)


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  1. Hi pretty Mel! Congrats on your giveaway~:) Looks fantastic!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! But eek! I follow so many blogs, I always mess up people’s interest with others!! *goes off studying your blog*

    Please visit my blog at http://www.xmaterialgirlsx.blogspot.com

  3. hey mel
    thanks for the giveaway


  4. Hey Mel,
    It’s such a pity about your contest but a nice giveaway is always nice too hehehee… I’m not really a public person so I only have a blog (but just a new comer) and I’m totally following you. But I dont have a YT channel, twitter account or a FB account since I’m not good with networking sites hahahhaa but when I do get all these in the future I’ll be sure to let u know and be eligible for your future giveaways. So good luck to all the rest whom are entering 🙂 Take care now.

  5. Just as well… I was gonna enter the Halloween contest…then realized I have absolutely no creative idea on a look… NONE! I am so very lame…
    Help Mel! Some suggestions for what to dress up as on Halloween! What’s ur costume gonna be?

  6. aww… yeah i really wanted to see some great looks.. ah well.. this year, i’m going to be a greek goddess.. haha.. wish me luck =P

  7. What a great give away!

  8. Hey Mel!
    I saw ur question on facebook!
    I don’t whether to answer there or here…but anyway, here’s my answer again:
    Green tea (matcha powder)!!! You know I drink it religiously now…after i saw ur post…
    Got it at Mitsuwa actually…couldn’t find it anywhere else.
    Anyway, I was first to answer on facebook! YAY!
    Hope I don’t seem too stalkerish…

  9. hey girl, since the question is on fan page, the answer should be posted there.. no worries, there’s still one more question left to win a MAC item =)