Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation Giveaway!

Since the review of Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation, I’ve been loving this product more and more for the lightness of how the foundation feels and of course the anti-aging ingredients. Now I am more than happy to announce that I’ve teamed up with the company to set up this giveaway so you would be able to win one and try it at home! This is definitely exciting news for me and you. =)

Now for the Rules:

1. One comment per person
2. Post a comment below and tell me WHY this is the product for you
3. Must be a follower
4. Must be a US Resident (unfortunately I can’t go around this)
5. Must have parent’s consent if under 18 to send you product.

The giveaway contest will start from today and will end on Sept 15th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be picked randomly and be announced on my fan page like last time, so be sure to be on that so that you can get the latest announcements.

Other than that, good luck!! I know you’ll love this product as I do! =)


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  1. Hi Mel!! This is so exciting you get to do these giveaways. I’ve been wanting to try this product =)

  2. Hi Mel! OMG I’m soooo excited! I just started using the Dr. Perricone High Potency Eye Lift, and I was just looking at the No Foundation Foundation at Sephora yesterday! I would love to try this product out!!! 😀

  3. Hi Mel. I’d love to try this product ever since I heard about it from one of my friends because she really likes it. Also, I am constantly looking for good products with anti-aging ingredients. Thanks

    Also, I have recently started my own blog too. Come check it out

  4. too bad this is US only, it sounds like a fantastic product. A foundation+anti-ageing product in one seems like a great idea

  5. I’ve never tried this brand before. I’d love to try this because I haven’t found any tinted moisturizer I like. I also need this because I’m old and need all the anti-aging things I can get. =)

  6. Hi Mel, I’ve been loving the products that you have tried. This foundation must be a good one too =). Can’t wait to try this one!

  7. Cool, maybe you should enter my Perricone giveaway too, since Im not in the US and I dont have the chance to try their products!But Ive read so many good things and I just saw your foundation review!

  8. I would love to try this product out. It sounds like the perfect foundation for me.

  9. Hey Mel,

    Thanks for doing this! I have actually been researching this product alot to treat my sun and age spots on my face. They are progressivley getting worse and I have tried everything, but I heard this product could really help!

  10. Hi Mel! The reason why this product is for me, is because I’ve never tried any of their products, but I would totally love to! And I’m already a follower! 🙂

  11. hey girl- I would love to try this product! As you know I love foundations and am always ona search for a better one! Plus I could do a review too!

  12. This is the product for me because it seems to have everything…spf, anti oxidants, and coverage.
    I would love to try this.

  13. Thanks for the giveaway. I would like this product because I want something that is light on my face, because it is oily and proned to breakouts. Plus I am a big fan of Perricone MD. And who doesn’t love anti aging products. In a few years my skin will thank me.

  14. Thanks for the giveaway……I want this product because I haven’t found my HG foundation yet…maybe this one will be…;)

  15. Would love to try this, who doesn’t love the no foundation foundation feeling? Also, I’m not getting any younger and am starting to use anti aging products.

  16. I have actually never tried this product, but am interested, because Perricone MD products seem to work for me, such as his Advanced Eye Therapy, and Face finishing moisturizer. I am sort of like a walking advertisement for Perricone’s products, and would love this opportunity to try out this new product! =D

  17. This is an amazing giveaway. Why I believe that I should receive this great prize because my skin is very sensitive to light, and as a result, I get premature lines (which thankfully I have been able to reduce); nonetheless, it is a constant struggle for me to find good “foundation” that doesn’t set into my “baby wrinkles”, and having to put on moisturizer beforehand with SPF, then primer with SPF, and then foundation and concealer. By then, I just looked caked-I have found a good tinted moisturizer, but otherwise, it’s just me trying new stuff all the time, and I’m not the type of girl that has the money for products anywhere near Perricone, M.D. Whomever you give this to, they will be very lucky, and thanks so much for having this giveaway!


  18. Hi Mel,
    I’ve been looking for a lighter foundation for everyday wear. It’s really humid and hot where I live right now so this would be just the thing to try out!

  19. I’m already following you hehe (:

    I really want to give this product a try because I’ve been using so many different types of foundation, and they all eventually end up giving me breakouts. Maybe this would finally be the one that works out for me. 🙁

  20. Hi Mel!

    I’m super interested in no foundation foundation because I usually get stuck using foundation that has cakey results. Ugh.


  21. Hey Mel!
    I’d like to give this no foundation foundation a try because I’m trying to find a formula that doesn’t make your face look like you’ve caked on makeup, soooOo maybe this is it!



  22. Hi Mel!
    This foundation is for me because of all the good things you said about it! I’ve been looking for a HG foundation and still haven’t… hope this is it!


  23. OH Lucky you Mel! great giveaway! I think that any foundation that doesn’t feel like foundation is so worth trying. With the added plus of reducing wrinkles (which I need) would be totally fab if I got to try it out.

  24. Hi mel! I would love this product because i have really sensitive skin and I have not been using any antiaging products (eeks i know!) at this time! 🙂

    thanks for this giveaway!! 😀

  25. this sounds way too good to be true…. count me in!!

  26. Thanks, Mel, for this lovely contest!
    The reason that this is the product for me, is because, even though I’m young, it’s never too early to deal with wrinkles. As Michelle Phan likes to say, the key is to prevent them, not treat them! Also, being expensive, a lot of people, like me, would probably never be able to afford it. Thanks again so much for this awesome giveaway!


  27. hello mel great giveaway i wish i could win this i would love to win so i can try out the foundation no foundation sounds funny but i would love to c how it works i havent ever found a foundation for me since my skin is so sensitive all i use our tinted mosturizers and i would love to try this one out 😉

  28. Hi!

    i’d love to try this product bc I tested it sephora last month and it seems light and natural looking but of course the price tag is much too high! hehe..thanks for the giveaway!

  29. This sounds perfect when I don’t want a heavy foundation but still want good coverage! Thanks 🙂

  30. I would like to try this product since you like it so much [=

  31. Hi Mel,

    I been a subscriber on your youbtube channel for a while now. I really like your videos, especially all of your hair tutorial. I am really,excited to hear about this products. I love to try it out, since I am looking for products that will not make my skin oily, prone to acne, or dry out my skin. I would love to try this because it seem excited to hear how it feel light on your skin, and mosturize, and protect you from UV. The product I am using right now, make me prone to acne. I am breaking out, and need to find a product that help me maintain healthy skin.

  32. I would love to try this !!! I’ve heard GREAT reviews. & plus I need a good foundation REALLY bad .

  33. Hi Mel~
    I would love to try this product because I have just started getting into foundations and I quickly learned that finding the right foundation isn’t as easy as I thought. I have fine lines under my eyes from so many years of rubbing and tugging at my eyes (I had no idea that caused premature wrinkles -_-) and I found that a lot of foundations and concealers sets into those lines and makes my face look cakey and shows the lines around my eyes even more. Being a recent college graduate I’m in the process of trying to go back to school and can’t really afford to buy this wonderful anti-aging product on my own.

    Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  34. Hey Mel!

    I never wear foundation (unless it’s for stage make-up) becasue i hate the way it feels. I really want to try this product and see if it’s for me. I know a lot of girls who share the same views and Perricone is a brand you can’t really beat when it comes to feeling natural and healthy, so I feel like it’s a win-win.

  35. Hi Mel!

    Why is this the product for me?
    Perricone MD has been showing up constantly in the newest sections with raves, and I’d love the opportunity to try out the product. I was never really worried about fine lines and wrinkles…but I’m growing up and stress does not do well for my face. Anti-aging and foundation? I’d love a chance to try something like this! I only want the opportunity to try a product that will probably be worth all my money in the future.

    I’m an all-natural gal (I rarely ever wear foundation) who’s prone to acne/scarring and has sensitive skin. I’ve slowly come to take better care of my skin within my limits. I make my own masks, facials, and yes…I devise new ways to save my penny; being a freshman in college is not cheap..>.<

  36. Honestly I haven’t heard about this product, but I have been trying to find the perfect foundation. I haven’t found one yet, and hopefully I’ll get to be the lucky winner and try this product out since that you love this product.

  37. Hello I would love to try this product out b/c im always on a search for the perfect foundation or tinted moisturizer w/ slight more coverage~ thanx for the giveaway!!!

  38. This is the product for me b/c I am hoping to not have to wear as much makeup! 🙂

  39. it seems interesting and i love makeup so id try anything lol

  40. I would love to try this out because I wear foundation almost every day…and my current foundation is just too heavy. This looks absolutely amazing!

  41. Oh wow! What an awesome opportunity! ^^
    Well, I would love to win this. Why? Because currently, I use no foundation. I wouldn’t say its because I don’t need it. But, its because I never can find something that works for me. Seeing your review made me want to buy this, because it actually sounds suitable for my skin. And the beneficial ingredients are an awesome bonus! I hope to be the lucky winner! I think this product would do me good LOL.

  42. why is this product for me?
    well the most important is because its anti agin, when every women qets to tht aqe they need sumthin to lift and help their face so therefore i think this product would work qreat on me and i would love to give it a try ( : thanks.

  43. I’d like to try it, bcuz I’m not a foundation gal.. BB cream yes, but only bcuz bb cream gives anti-aging benefits and is lighter then reg foundation. So this seems like BB cream but better?! I know this was a totally random answer! LOL!

    Good luck with your entries! 🙂

  44. Thank you, Mel, for doing this giveaway! I get so excited when i find products with anti-aging properties. wow I must try this! I’ve always been on the search for more anti-aging products for my skin, and for this to be a foundation as well, it’s even better! thanks for the opportunity to try this (:

  45. Well I would like to win this giveaway because I’ve never tried out Perricone MD No Foundation Foundation before, and I would love to! I heard a lot of good things about Perricone MD and I would like to see if all the rave about there beauty products are true.

  46. Hey Mel..thanks for the giveway. I want to try this product because it’s anti-aging. I really need to start taking care of my skin more.

  47. I think this product would be great for me because I hate the feeling of heavy foundation. I have really oily skin so I think light foundations would work best for me.

  48. I feel very passionate about anti-aging/preventative care. I feel like this product will not only provide that, but any flaws that I missed in the process of taking care of my skin 😀

  49. i need to try this foundation b/c all the foundation i have tried before cannot cover up all my scars from my acne.

  50. Hey Mel, I would love to give this foundation for my mom to use, she’s really hesitant about foundation or any type of heavy makeup. I think this would be the perfect no foundation foundation for her try. Thank you 🙂

  51. I would love to try this foundation out. I’m been searching for a good foundation for a long time and I’ve tried everything from the high end to the low end brands and nothing seems to be a perfect fit. I also have sensitive skin and would love to find a foundation that doesn’t make me break out. Plus…since I’m getting older I believe an anti-aging foundation would be a perfect fit for me. Thanks!

  52. this is the product for me because i have now entered my 20s and this is the time where ill need to start using anti-aging products to prevent future wrinkles and age spots.. thanks for the giveaway!! i loved ur review for the product.. so detailed!

  53. I would love to try this product! I’d been using heavy coverage foundations to cover up acne scarring. Now that it’s faded, I would love to try something lighter. Especially since the weather’s still hot here in VA. 🙂


  54. Thanks so much for the giveaway! You are so sweet! I want to try this product because I want a light foundation that not only allows my skin to still breathe but also for its anti-aging properties. I’ve never tried a high end foundation before and I’d love to have an opportunity to try one 🙂

  55. Hi Mel!
    Thanks for this! I have wanted to try this for a while and I have a difficult time finding the perfect foundation that will not be so heavy.

  56. I’ve heard great things about Perricone. I’d love to see if it lives up to the reputation!

  57. wows. great opportunity everything about this product sounds good from the detailing to the packaging. i would love to try this product out because i just gave birth not 2 long ago and my wrinkles(laughing lines) are very visible now and freckles too jus want a light good foudation to hide it.. wish you could give me a try on this product. thanks for this giveaway. ( :

  58. i would love to enter this contest because i try one of the acne thing and i LOVE it ! so i would like to try other stuff from the line (:

  59. Hi Mel!
    Fantastic that you were contacted by Perricone to do this 🙂
    I want to try this because I’m all for the all natural look. All foundations I use kind of make me look slightly pasty or dry, so I’d like one that isn’t so unnatural looking.
    Good luck to everyone and thanks for the giveaway!

  60. Thanks for the give away and I hope I can try it. Facinated about its anti aging properties and I do believe that cosmetic companies should work towards this idea as makeup should not only make you beautiful when you put it on, it should also nourish your skin as well.

  61. Hi mel

    I simply want to try anti aging products cuz i’m now in my early 40s and I trust your reviews as always:)

    With love from TX

  62. This is such a cool product! I’ve never heard of anytthing like it. I would love to win this so I can try it out!

  63. i would love to try this product, because i’ve seen it in the mags but i’ve never tried it before. =]

  64. I need this because I would love to try it to hide my big pores

  65. I’ve been looking for a good-quality foundation that has no parabens. I think this seems like a perfect fit for me =)

  66. Recently started to learn abuot anti-aging products and was interested to try Perricone MD products but hesitant to try since I dont know anyone who’s tried the brand before. I think this product would be for me because I’ve never tried anything by Perricone before.(:

  67. I’ve heard good things about Perricone products but have yet to try anything out.If it lives up to my anti-aging expectations, I’ll be a customer for life!

  68. thanks for holding this giveaway! I am so excited to try this product! I’m always on the go because of work and school so I need something that is easy to apply, won’t look cakey or streaky, has enough coverage to provide a polished look and is a product i can feel good about wearing! i do love that it has anti-aging ingredients, especially since it’s going to be on my face for 8+ hours everyday!

  69. I think this foundation is for me because I’ve been searching all over for a light feeling foundation, I hate my face feeling mask like.