Interview with Glimmer Gloss Glow!

Hello everyone! Doing a short post while I’m still here in SF. A week or two ago, Keri from Glimmer Gloss Glow asked me if I wanted to interview with her and of course I said yes without any hesitation.

Check out my interview with her when you get a chance and if you haven’t followed her yet, please do! She’s such a sweetheart! =)

Hoped everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! =)


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  1. Omg, you’re only 5’1??? That’s almost as short as I am!
    That’s really surprising, coz you look really tall in pictures…
    Glad to find a fellow shorty!
    Oh and if you like Friends, you should watch how I met your mother. It’s kinda like Friends for the younger generation…

  2. haha.. yes i’m a shorty =P

  3. Hey Mel,
    I noticed that you use Skincology stuff, which is NiuEr right?
    How do you find them so far?
    I’m really interested…but I tried BeautyMaker stuff and most of it did nothing for me…
    So if you think they are similar, I’ll probably won’t get it.
    I’m most interested in the whitening serum, does it work? Do you have any recommendations for whitening?

  4. hey girl… so far i’m liking it but i like to give it a few more weeks of trial before writing up a review. the collagen one def plumps up the skin and the whitening one is hard to tell bc i think my skin is pretty light so far.. if anything, it’s been maintained so that’s always a good indication =D