Green Tea – How I Love Thee

Everyone knows by now the wonderful benefits that come from drinking green tea bc it’s packed with antioxidants that combat harmful free radicals, deliver cancer-fighting flavonoids and disrupt the production of bacteria. Green Tea has something call catechin polyphenols, particularly epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG). EGCG is a powerful anti-oxidant: besides inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, it kills cancer cells without harming healthy tissue. It has also been effective in lowering LDL cholesterol levels, and inhibiting the abnormal formation of blood clots.

Other researchers have found green tea to be beneficial to weight loss as well it is great for boosting metabolism in burning those calories faster. I can definitely attest to that bc lately I have been eating a bit more on weekends especially SF weekend, but for some reason, my weight stayed the same and I didn’t even exercise that much the past month or so. That never really happens to me and normally find myself having to run that off in order to get my weight back to normal.

All that above, not to mention how beneficial green tea is to our skin. Green tea appears to exert sun damage protection by quenching free radicals and reducing inflammation rather than by blocking UV rays. In addition, studies have shown that green tea polyphenols are likely to slow down signs of aging. woo hoo! However, the benefits don’t stop just there. Oh no, these same antioxidants also benefit the hair and scalp in multiple ways. This never came to mind when I first started drinking my Green Tea Matcha powder, but I really now believe that it does. Unfortunately bc I never knew the correlation that green tea has to hair, I didn’t test the theory so no before and after pics.

Anyways here’s my reason for this correlation. About 2 months ago, I have started using eyelash treatment such as Ardell Brow & Lash Gel and thought that I really saw a difference in my lashes after a few weeks or so. Around the same time, I’ve also started drinking my Green Tea Matcha. Then, about 2-3 weeks ago, I stopped using the gel treatment due to forgetting and then later laziness. Since then, I took notice of my lashes to see if they have gone back to before, where they were sparse at the bottom and top, but they haven’t. In fact, they’ve stayed about the same and even my brows seem to thicken a bit more and hairs started to grow thicker and darker.

I was puzzled at this point and was trying to figure out what I had done differently and the only thing I could think of was my green tea matcha. This had me thinking a bit especially when Fuz has always been a huge fan of Green Tea Matcha and she has amazing thick lashes. I’ve been mulling the idea in my head for a week or two and finally today, went online to search whether or not green tea had any benefits to hair growth and sure enough it does. Studies have shown the EGCG in green tea helps hair growth in cell cultures.

Ok, don’t get me wrong here, it’s no miracle worker and I’m not saying I have dramatic longer and fuller lashes, but I definitely could tell a bit of difference from before. You might think 2 months is too soon to test that theory, but keep in mind that matcha powder is finely ground green tea leaves and the highest dosage of antioxidants come from the leaves themselves. It might be a total coincidence and don’t take my word for it, go try it yourself. I just know now that I will not stop drinking green tea but more specifically in matcha form, because it has thus far provided me with more benefits than I originally thought. =P

So drink up girls! =)


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  1. For a whle, I’ve been wanting to know where to purchase the green tea powder that Fuz has. I drink green tea but am looking for the powder. My asian markets don’t have any! Please provide us with a link please. Thanks!

  2. Hey thanks for the great info! I should really start drinking green tea.. even though I don’t particularly like drinking tea >.< My bf tells me I should because of how beneficial it is haha.

  3. woooo, can’t wait to try it out myself!
    Where do you buy matcha powder tho? do they sell it at normal grocery stores or do u have to go to a specialty asian one?

  4. i only found the single serving matcha powder at japanese markets especially mitsuwa. try looking for no sugar added which will be healthier for you of course =)

  5. Is that the same as the regular green tea cuz’ I always drink green tea before I sleep…:)

  6. regular green tea is good but the matcha powder is much better bc of the higher antioxidants.

  7. How cool! Totally picking some up next time I’m at Mitsuwa. =)

  8. The benefits of green tea just keep growing! 🙂 *runs off to brew a cup*

  9. See we’ve always loved green tea. And you just gave us another reason to drink up! Thanks for sharing this info Mel! 🙂

  10. i love green tea
    i also drink that green tea powder that Fuz talked about and i love it
    i also like green tea flavored things like ice cream and yogurt
    green tea tastes nice and are good for your skin

  11. i should really drink more tea but i am a coffee person. tea tends to give me problem. sigh. green tea is nice in the form of ice cream and cookies though. 😛

    excellent post!

  12. drink up girls!! it’s a great pickmeup in the morning too =)

  13. I’ve been drinking this stuff all my life because my mother was a Tea Ceremony teacher, lol! Now I know it’s good for me!

  14. haha.. yay!! it’s def good for uuuu =)

  15. OHH thank you for the post! It’s been on my to buy list but now it’s top priority!

  16. Thanks for this information about Green Tea. By the way, what kind of green tea do you drink. I heard Fuz talked about you how you both drink powder green tea. Where could I get it?

  17. oolalaa man i need to get back on this hahha 🙂

  18. it’s a single serving matcha powder that i got from mitsuwa in jersey =D

  19. Ooh good to know! I love green tea. 🙂

  20. Wow seriously?? That’s what kept my eye lashes full! xD Hahahaha! Such an interesting finding!!

  21. haha.. i think so!! i’m running out of mine soon and i think i’m having withdrawal!! haha.. neeed my green tea matchaaaa

  22. I glad I came across your blog. Your entries are very interesting. I am intrigued by your finding. Please continue posting these related topics. Although green tea is good for the body. green tea should be consumed minimal. Consuming too much of anything is bad. As long as there is a balance. Even over hydration can cause problems. Do you know of any other beneficial green tea uses? if so please share.
    I firmly believe in natural ways in achieve beauty, I do not believe beauty comes in a packaged over priced jar.


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