11 things that makes me Happy tag & Blog Sale!

Lovely Nu tagged me for this so here goes:

1. My hubby makes me happy
2. Family & friends make me happy
3. Photography makes me happy
4. Making ppl beautiful makes me happy
5. Thoughts of our family dog makes me happy and sad (she passed away 3 years ago)
6. Singing & listening to music makes me happy =P
7. Being able to help others makes me happy
8. Traveling makes me happy
9. Shopping makes me happy and sad =P
10. Meeting new friends make me happy
11. Blogging makes me happy

On another note, hubby was talking to his relatives in Guangzhou and was sad afterwards. We never realize how lucky we are when we stop and think about it. His aunt was mentioning how she has to work even after retirement to save money to put her second son through school. She needs to save at least $125 per month in order for that to happen and for them to eat and live comfortably. $125 per month – to me that’s what I would spend on miscellaneous stuff here and there.

It sickens me to think that here I am going through more than that on makeup and beauty products alone while they are there struggling to get just that. Hearing that really puts things into perspective and I need to keep that in mind whenever I pass by anything and really ask “Do I NEED it or is it just there to accumulate in my drawers?” I think I have enough makeup to last me awhile and will hault in spending anything else besides skincare and that’s when I really really need it.

I have gone through things that I wanted to sell for my blog sale bc I think I just have too much and will not be able to go through it all. It’ll be a waste to sit there until I get around to it. So what’s not needed will be sold to a good home out there.

Also on another note, I will be posting anything photography related on another blog. I figure I don’t want to saturate this blog too much. =P So you can keep up with me there. Man, I may be stretching myself thin with 2 blogs and 2 YT channels plus a third YT channel in the works. =P All this done after work – no wonder I have no time to myself. haha.


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  1. aww love your photog blog πŸ™‚ you make me want to start one too!

  2. aww…thats makes me feel sad, so in guangzhou…in China right? thats sad that aunt has to work after retirement, i feel lucky now , to be living in cali…. (oh yah..why does shopping make u sad πŸ™ ?

  3. haha.. cause it’s taking my money

  4. Aw it even makes me feel bad about owning so much. πŸ˜› I have definitely cut down though. Change for the better huh?

    Girl, how you manage it?? 2 blogs, 2 YT, twitter, fb, etc… you gonna have 2 twitters soon enough.. hahaha

  5. haha.. umm.. i have 2 twitters already =P and 2 FBs! omg!

  6. Yahhh! Shopping makes me happy too :)Totally happy LOL:
    I like dogs too πŸ™‚

  7. wow, you are all over the web. haha… I understand how you feel. I feel really bad when I hear someone’s struggling while I’m wasting my money on silly things.

  8. Wow, I can barely keep up with just one blog. I’ve got to give you kudos for that. xD

  9. Oh i can totally relate when you say that you think twice before buying. Saves you money in the long run and it feels a lot better when you buy things that you really really needed/wanted ^^

  10. My mom instilled the “NEED” vs. “WANT” in me when I was young. I do it all the time. It annoys the BF lol! But you do have to stop to think sometimes.

    Great happy things!!