From DC to AC

AC was definitely not how I remembered as a kid, in fact, it was a little bit more fun. When my siblings and I were little, our parents took us there almost all the time but bc we were underage, we had to hang around the lobby area of the casino while they went in and gambled away. Trust me, that was the most boring thing ever and since then, I would always say No to going to AC whenever our parents suggest to go. This time around, hubby and I were heading up for a friend’s bday and we figured why not. I invited Fuz along for the fun and had an awesome weekend together.

First off, we got there around 10am and waited around to check in. After that, went straight for some fooood! My dad mentioned that there were tons of restaurants near the pier so we headed there and were pretty much starved by then since the Resort was a bit of a walk to the Pier. When we got there, we headed straight for the restaurant level and were thinking sushi however the wait to get food was 25 mins. Mmm, no – that’s ok. So we continued walking down further and found hubby staring at the menu for Buddakan. It didn’t look too bad and went in to be seated.
Giant Buddha in the middle to greet us


Fuz’s char siu pork – so good! I didn’t take any pics of the fried rice and pad thai bc they look the same anywhere.. hehe

After we met up with some friends for drinks. Fuz downed a shot of whiskey thinking it was kamikaze (bartender gave her the wrong shot! haha) Needless to say she was a bit tipsy too fast and red as well =P If you ever see drunk Fuz, she’s loud and happier more than usual. hahaa.

The next day we headed out for some yummy viet food with my family. They were there to hang out as well as signed us into our comp rooms since they head down to AC quite a bit – haha. The food was pretty good but again no pics – same as you would find in any viet restaurants =P

Then we headed back to the hotel to chill out while Fuz went for a swim. After she got back and showered, we sat down to do a little blogtv =P Hubby even made a little show being as shy as he was, which was a rare occurrence to say the least. For those of you who caught him – considered yourself lucky bc that may never happen again. hehe.

Afterwards we headed out to the boardwalk and headed to the fair for some corndogs and funnel cake. I ate the whole funnel cake and was sooo full – haha but oh so good!

Fuz finally got her corn dog after craving it all the night before
haha.. attacking the corn dog with a vengeance!

Caught a bike trapeze show – a bit amateur IMO =P

We headed back to the hotel to get ready and headed over to Rim for some noodles. Anytime I go to a noodle place, I most always order won ton noodles. It’s the best! The following pics below are from Fuz.

Fuz and I all decked out.
My won ton noodles!

Fuz char siu pork

After dinner, we waited around a bit for my friend to get us (plus 23 other friends) into Dusk nightclub at Caesar’s for freee. While walking around the hotel, guys at the casino room carded us which was a bit hilarious bc the older gentleman there was like “they don’t look underage? why card them? =P” Anywho it worked out for the best though, bc they comped each of us $50 for Noodle Village there and totally took advantage of it the next day for brunch. woo hoo! =P

photowhoring at Dusk club!

Checking out the makeup after 4 hrs of dancing. Check!

Full body shot =D

We walked back with few friends and Fuz got some cravings for foood – this time we got hot wings (or as my friend thought she said “howie” – haha) Before the club, she had cravings for some chocolate-covered strawberries which we got on the way. Good thing we danced it off!
Sunday was brunch at Noodle Village. This place was alot better than Rim only bc it had more choices. Omg, we ordered so much just to make sure we used up our comps. haha.

won ton noodles for me again!
hubby’s beef chow fun

Fuz’s dim sum

and beef noodle soup

I noticed that I was having way too much fun to take lots of pro shots so there were few and far between – haha. That could either be a good or bad thing depending how you look at it. =P Next possible event together could be a double date with Mr. H and hubby. Oooh, that will be interesting to say the least. hehe.

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  1. Looks like you girls had so much fun πŸ™‚ You look great in the gray tube top!

  2. omg that food looks so delicious. lol glad you ladies had fun =)

  3. awww.. FUN! Wish I was there =( You both looked stunning.

  4. I love food porn pictures.

    YOu and Fuz looks super gorgeous. Looks like you gals had tons of fun.

  5. you guys are so cute haha fob sign ^_^v .. omg, buddakan has the BESTTTTTTTTTTT crab and lobster fried rice *drools .. how was dusk?

    btw, i like it when your hair is left down and straight .. gorgeous!!

  6. looks like tons of fun!! i love your makeup mel xD ep for the night time. and how fun to invite fuz πŸ˜€ LOL at your drunk fuz comment xD

  7. Looks like you guys had a blast!! And all that yummy food!! Mmmm… Even better!!

  8. looks like a super fun weekend. I love your clubbing look. what did you wear that last all night? haha… Fuz loves cha shiu pork?

  9. LOVE your photography and FOOOOOOOD porn galore! :)s

  10. ohh` I missed your blogTV since it’s the opposite time in Australia!! Looks like you guys had fun~

  11. haha.. had super fun! what did i wear that last all night – my makeup! oh my hair is always straight and down most days anyways.. haha

  12. Yay, glad you both had such a great time! Both of you look so beautiful in the photos.

    Oh, and the food looks delicious… wonton noodle soup is also my favorite!! Yummy! :p

  13. looks like it was a fun weekend πŸ™‚ i’ve only been to AC once for my friend’s bachelorette weekend…we ate at a Russian restaurant?

    the shot of Fuz above the trapeze photo looks gorgeous! one of the few pro photos you took that weekend? πŸ™‚

  14. wah~ looks like u and Fuz had lots of fun πŸ˜€

  15. you girls looked fab!! =D loved the food pics!!

  16. Wow! Looks like it was quite the eventful trip. πŸ˜€

  17. oh you guys looked like you had fun and you both look gorgeous~! Those food pics are making me crave for some..!!! >.<

  18. always love me some food porrnnnn.. hehe

  19. Hahahaaha!! I couldn’t stop laughing the entire post! It was definitely fun! We made AC as fun as it could be! πŸ˜€ Thanks for inviting me! Can’t wait for our double date! πŸ˜›

  20. Lol for some strange reason, the first thing I thought of when I read the post title was from Direct Circuit to Alternate Circuit… it must mean cuz I’m such a dork =P.

    It looks like you had a lot of fun! The food looks so yummy and gosh I haven’t had a corn dog in years! hehe sneaky bartender!

    You have a really great page hun! Just stopping by to say hello =).

  21. aww.. thx hun! haha.. nerd =P

  22. What a great time!! Thanks for the cute pics and the food porn!

  23. looked like lotsa fun! i’ve only been to AC like 2 times, both for a quickie run through the pier cuz i was on a tour.
    haha drunk fuz
    mmm..wonton noodles..haven’t had that in a long time…getting hungry thinking about it too!