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Fuz’s Bday and weekend!

So apparently Fuz can’t blog about anything party-related on her page so you’ll have to read the fun over here. I know, I know. My page’s nothing as exciting as Fuz’s animated pics but it’ll have to do so bear with me =P Anyways, I was meeting up with Fuz on friday night to celebrate […]

Lucy’s Makeover

I had the great pleasure to take my friend’s engagement session over the weekend and here was her makeover. BeforeAfterAnd this is how the day went… She brought along props! haha.. Too cute. I’ve known Lucy for few years being on the same team dragonboating in DC and she recently started out a jewelry business […]

Cherry Culture Back to School Sale!

Happy Shopping Ladies! =)

From DC to AC

AC was definitely not how I remembered as a kid, in fact, it was a little bit more fun. When my siblings and I were little, our parents took us there almost all the time but bc we were underage, we had to hang around the lobby area of the casino while they went in […]

Michelle Chang’s Jewelry & Skincare Haul

I had put in an order to Michelle about three weeks ago customizing a necklace for me and was excited when my mailman delivered the package to me at the office today. I’ve always been into horseshoes and I didn’t see it among her collection so naturally I asked her if she could make me […]

Kammy’s E-session Makeup

So I had the honor of taking my friend’s e-pic this past Sunday at Doukenie Winery but first, we met up for lunch to chat and catch up since I haven’t seen her in a few months. Afterwards, the fiance had to leave for a meeting at 1pm so we just headed back to their […]

11 things that makes me Happy tag & Blog Sale!

Lovely Nu tagged me for this so here goes: 1. My hubby makes me happy2. Family & friends make me happy3. Photography makes me happy4. Making ppl beautiful makes me happy5. Thoughts of our family dog makes me happy and sad (she passed away 3 years ago)6. Singing & listening to music makes me happy […]

Beautymaker Skincare Review

I was pretty excited when Fuz mentioned Beautymaker skincare that it was inexpensive but yet effective so I had to give it a try. It’s almost a duty calling out to me. =P I’ve used the skincare the past few months and even finished up two serums and acne gel in the process and here’s […]