Seeing so many girls being cullen-ized makes me want to be a Cullen too! haha. So here’s the best I could come up with.

Are you charmed yet? =P


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  1. <333 !

  2. You look like a sexy vampire! Look at those luscious lips..haha.

    The Edward Cullen guy was in NYC a couple of weeks ago!

  3. wow… how do u do that? looks sooo good 😀

  4. You’ll have to help me with photoshop with this contest!!! 😛 I like your outcome!

  5. haha.. thx girls! i’ll help ya fuz! omg! Edward was in NYC!!!!!? i hope he’s still there when i go up! ahhh.. haha

  6. love it! <3

  7. its soo beautiful Mel!

  8. wow! how pretty!!

  9. tht is so awesome!! how did you do that? can you make me one?(^-^)

  10. hehe thx girls! i wish i could make everyone one however if i said yes to one, then i’d have to say yes to all which may be overwhelming. =P

  11. soo HOT!! love how your skin glows!!

  12. Oh, what a lovely twilighted picture of yours! <3

  13. LOL Nice!!

  14. I know I commented on Twitter, but great pic again Mel!! 🙂

  15. Holy vampiness! Bite me! I want to be a vampire too!! You look soooooooo hot!

  16. haha.. thx girls! Tao u leave the funniest comments! haha. =D

  17. Great work!