Rimmel Sexy Curve Waterproof Mascara Review

An ongoing search for the best waterproof mascara continues and in this type of market, you see a new mascara every month it seems. With more choices on the market, it’s definitely hard to pinpoint the right one that works. Good thing we have beauty bloggers to tell us what products are good out there and what products are just not worth your time. =)

Anyways, I honestly prefer drugstore vs high-end when it comes mascaras because they are to be disposed of after 3 months. I know plenty of girls, I myself included, however, use the mascaras until they either get clumpy or dry or when a new one comes out on the market. =P Therefore, it can get quite expensive having to replace every 3-4 months or try a newer brand, which is why I stick to drugstore brands.

So without further ado, here’s my review on the Rimmel Sexy Curve Waterproof Mascara.

Price: $9.99

Where to purchase: I purchased it at CVS however I’ve noticed that not all of them carry the waterproof which is why I bought this as soon as I saw it.

Smell: There is a scent to it but doesn’t last long after application

What it claims: NEW Sexy Curves Waterproof Mascara. Our best ever 100% waterproof formula for up to 70% more curl and voluptuous volume. Finally, no comprimises on curl or volume in a waterproof formula that removes easily with regular eye makeup remover.

What it actually does: I love how the brush separates my lashes nicely and this really does not smudge – I mean barely. The way the brush is makes it grab at every little hair to lengthen and give it some volume. After one coat of mascara, doesn’t clump. However, I’m not sure it’s meant to be buildable, because it has slight clumpage (not much that you can’t use a lash comb thru them) after second coat. It could be that the formula dries pretty fast so you want to work on one lash at a time probably to get better results. Use a good mascara base will definitely add more oompf to the lashes and help lengthen some more.

Skin Type: All

Likelihood of Repurchase: Most likely to repurchase if I don’t have anything else =)

Ratings: (4) out of 5 cosmos

Let’s put it to the test, shall we?

1st coat w/ shiseido mascara primer

2nd coat

I’ve seen this heated lash curler by Essence of Beauty at CVS couple of times now, but never had the urge to get it. Fuz swears by her panasonic one and now Eki raved about using her heated lash curler so I figure why not! For $10 bucks, can’t be beat! The lash curler heats up in less than 15 secs and ready to go! I don’t know about you, but it seems to work like a charm =)

left eye – curled with heater; right eye – left untouched

both eyes curled with lash heater

What a difference a heated lash curler makes to the lashes! Instead of sticking straight out, the heated lash curler gave them such a nice natural curl to the end. I’m loving it and I didn’t have to pay much for it – even better. =)


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  1. I love how lush and long your lashes are!

    The Rimmel mascara looks like a good buy.

    I’m with you on drugstore vs. high end mascaras. In fact, the worst mascaras I’ve used were always the high end ones.

  2. Man I didn’t know they have heated curlers at CVS! xD
    That mascara looks pretty, and the results are great! You look like you’re wearing falsies!

  3. wow! that mascara+heated curler combo is awesome 😀

  4. The results look really nice. Might give it a try when I finish up all my current mascaras.

  5. yeah I was surprised that the essence of beauty heated curler was better than the one I got from spehora.

  6. great review! thank you!

  7. lashes look great! I always looked at the shape of this wand and wondered if it were any good 🙂 I think I found much answer!

  8. hehe.. yes that heated lash curler is a good buy! can’t be beat for sure

  9. Thanks for the review, Mel!
    Your lashes look good with the mascara.

    I’ll definitely look at this mascara next time. 😉

  10. Wow, your lashes look amazing! I didn’t have much luck with the Sephora heated lash curler… but maybe I’ll check out the EOB or Panasonic one now. Thanks for sharing on the mascara too. =)

  11. Wow..I should go get that mascara too coz I am so fond of mascaras^^ Love ur lashes*

  12. Your lashes look great! I was so happy to see that Rimmel came out with a waterproof version of Sexy Curves. I’m going to get it on my next trip. And will probably pick up a heated eyelash curler! 😉

  13. I tend to like Rimmel Mascaras!! The last one I fell in love with from them was the GLAMEYES!! That’s a good one, but isn’t waterproof! So maybe I’ll check this one out!! Thanks for the review Mel!!

    And yup heated curlers! I had mine forever, but found out I wasn’t using it right! LOL! But now I know!

  14. wow you have really long lashes girl! I love heated eyelash curlers – they feel so nice during the winter time LOL

    Cynthia <3

  15. i love reading your reviews:)

  16. haha.. thx girls.. all from using a good mascara base and good mascara – now the heated lash curler is just bonus! love =D

  17. I’m so jealous! Your lashes are like mile-long! I need to pick up one of those heated lash curler! Thanks for the review hun!

  18. for a drugstore mascara, that’s pretty good. sometimes i cry a bit inside whenever i have to throw away my mascara…even though it’s not a highend brand, going through so many fiberwigs can get pricey

  19. you have so really long lashes !

  20. I think I’m going to try this mascara. Thanks for the review! 🙂