Love from the UK!

I’ve always been curious about GOSH and Barry M makeup in the UK and finally asked Suzi if she wanted to do a swap with me. So glad she said yes. haha. I received her package today and was going to blog about it but of course silly me, forgot my camera cord at home. Grr. Anywho, here’s her package!

Reminds me of the MAC shadestick. the color is gorgeous!

I’ve never heard of this brand before but omg! is it really pigmented!

I know a few of you have asked for swatches before. Reason why I don’t do it. Laziness plus I don’t have any space on my hands and arms. haha. The colors are absolutely stunning and best yet, it actually has good staying power! I tried to wipe it off with napkin but took me a few tries
before the colors are wiped off and even then still had some residue left.

Gorgeous NUDE color!!! I LOVE IT!

Such sleek and small packaging!

Beautiful colors!

I rarely do swatches so obviously I’m very excited over the products! hehe. So pigmented!

This swap was more than I could ask for! Thanks Suzi love!! You definitely knew what my tastes are.. yay!! hehe.

Also, this package came at the same time and it’s the brush I picked up from Josh’s blog sale. Can’t wait to use it!

He even gave me the brush guard to go with it. My first one yet!

I can’t wait to put this brush to good use. Thanks Josh!

One of the many reasons I love being a beauty blogger is bc you get to meet great friends all around as well as getting great deals. LOVE it! =)


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  1. OOO very nice 🙂 i really liked the divIne palettes but i never really used them so i ended up selling them. they’re really pretty though 😀

  2. ohh!
    that nude lipstick looks great!
    im pretty sure you’ll have a fun time playing with all of the new stuff

  3. ooh pretty colors! =)

  4. Great swap Mel!! Thanks for all the swatches!! All the colors are gorgeous! 🙂

    I know, getting to know other bloggers is the best thing!! We share so much new info with each other! 🙂

  5. Great swap! Welcome to the world of Barry M!!

  6. Awesome swap stash!

  7. haha.. yes! glad i got some barry m’s and gosh’s makeup.. just so pigmented and gorgeous!

  8. Glad you like the goodies girl, If u need anymore just ask =)